Some of the benefits of some vegetables


Some of the benefits of some vegetables

According to some studies that the orange is useful for:

Reducing cholesterol in the blood, preventing blood clots on the walls of blood vessels, helping to pump blood easily, and reducing heart disease.

 Because of the presence of important elements orange juice lowers blood pressure and reduces the movement of muscles of the intestine and uterus, and can be used in cases of high blood pressure, colic and diarrhoea, which is available a lot in our country and the countries of the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea and in quantities that are many and multiple varieties and cheap prices and favourite fruit for the whole family.

Some of the benefits of some vegetables

Leguminous plant species of bulbous agricultural Lilies There are two types of white and red of it, there is no difference between them.

They do not complete the Onio
n until after the maturity of its benefits after just become desiccated as is apparent above the ground.

Active substances in which sulfur and Vitamin C and the substance of which Corresponds to the underlying insulin

According to the Onion:

The heart and blood vessels and a diuretic and laxative, and tonic for the nerves and strengthens the ability of sexual and eating onions also serve to improve digestion and expulsion of gases and soften the inner and treatment of diarrhoea

Fresh onions contain substances that protect from the risk of cancer of the oesophagus.

And materials that prevent blood clotting and reduce blood pressure. Onions and garlic in a pharmacy full House and talk about their benefits needs to papers and several books

And has many benefits and medical treatments do not like to talk with because they do not fall in the circle of my knowledge only Small and wants to expand and elaborate on this important subject, and large he has to ask who was the expert and has a sickness or illness of certain should consult your doctor, first of all, I am committed to science and its assets Garlic Of the species and the part useful Lilies lobes after maturity.

And garlic contains substances with volatile sulfur compounds, vitamins, hormones, sex hormone-like substances, as well as antiseptic and anti-reduced blood pressure lethal to worms and liver secretions for generating

Garlic and strengthens the body's immunity and earn immunity, active and eating it is recommended for the prevention of disease and intestinal diseases rotten 

According to some benefit news that garlic hinders the growth of cancer cells

The substance contained in garlic performs the same action of aspirin in protecting the body from forming blood clots as they fluidized bed material of the blood, garlic is rich in SELENIUM which the vital functions in the body and to protect the body from cancer

  • The experiments showed that garlic protects against polio cases

  • And lowers blood pressure increased

  • And kills intestinal worms that poetry as fresh garlic prevents infection and reduces cholesterol and protects the rights of stomach cancer

  • Useful in diseases of the gums

According to diabetes

Extracts of garlic

And studies have shown that garlic protects against common colds, as it shows that people who take daily tablets or pills of garlic extracts, which are sold in pharmacies and stores, they are less susceptible to colds, or flu, some common weaknesses.

The secret is the power of garlic is a substance within the composition known as Alain, a major biological material produced by the plant garlic, and have the ability to reduce the incidence of common colds by more than half

Can remove the smell of garlic after eating an apple or a half-hour pending honey


Health benefits resulting from many eating beans .. they are low in fat and rich in fibre benefit the heart to improve performance and reduce the cholesterol in the blood

According also to reduce the beans:

Risk of cancer of the colon and help diabetics control their blood sugar levels and help people on the beans:

Weight control to produce a kind of sense of satiety and fullness of the rich in dietary fibre
For the problem of gas and bloating caused by eating beans can control this by:

Soak beans and remove the water and soak them with water again and again cooked for as long as possible.
Finally, this article useful and beautiful in abundance in our country, we discover and explore its benefits and friendly for all

Olive oil:

Some of the benefits of some vegetables

He says Stokes from a blessed tree olive neither of the East and West almost glows, Even if coal oil is not fire. 

It is one of the best agricultural products because it is sacred and the production of a blessed tree sacred.

The olive oil is characterized by other fats and oils of many qualities, accustomed to human health and wellness, is:

More easily digestible than all other oils, because the installation of olive oil is close to the installation of fats in the milkman.

The absorption and digestion easier on the body to absorb and digest any other material, since olive oil contains vitamin (d).

It protects children the evil of rickets, and the curvature of the legs and gives the face red, and must be on those who have been denied sunlight long their stay in dark rooms or cellars are closed, that eat oil regularly to substitute for the vitamin is that it gives them the sun, Philemon himself who deposited the sun in the olive.

The olive oil also helps the growth of mental abilities and intelligence due to the presence. Materials designated for fats and semi-Avoid here may be caused by giving the status of intelligence and creativity to the peoples of the Middle East called smart.