How do I get rid of acne scars and I get the skin clean


Causes of acne? Treatment the effects of neglect in the treatment?

Acne usually appears in the pores of oily skin and the widening of continued secretion of fat.
And usually causes a rise in the hormone androgen which is affecting the amount of fat produced by fat cells, causing the emergence of Oils "blackheads, whiteheads.


May be different treatment depending on skin type, age and fat percentage.
  • Using detergent on the skin in the form of gel applied twice to three times a day to remove the fat and dirt.

  • Using fruit acids cream to dry and stimulate the building of fat cells.
  • -To treat pimples temporarily that appear when you near the time of the menstrual cycle using the paint is put on the pill itself to drying.

Follow more of the following clarification

  • Wash your face twice a day with water

  • Salty warm, to get rid of oily skin and keep skin free of pimples.
  • Strawberry leaves, Place strawberry leaves on acne to reduce swelling and irritation.
  • The lemon is also useful, mix a lemon (sour) with a little rose water, put the mixture on the face for half an hour.
  • Wash your face with warm water. The program continues for 15 days.
  • Lemon rind, wipe the skin white inner crust lemon before washing with water.
  • Mint juice, wash your face with fresh mint juice every night to get rid of pimples, acne, eczema, scabies and a lot of skin problems.
  • Eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables is very beneficial for the skin and keeps its love and freshness.
  • Use garlic, for chronic skin problems, immune from garlic mash and licked their face.
  • Orange peel, crush orange peel with some water and put them on your face. Or the best home remedies.
  • Rosewater, clean face with cotton moistened with rose water.
  • Lemon (acid) and cinnamon, mix one tablespoon of lemon and one teaspoon ground cinnamon and place on affected area.
  • Cactus juice, use juice cactus twice a day, helps cactus to heal the wounds and scars left by acne.
  • Steam bath for acne, if you have acne, but not back to
Very inflammatory skin of your face you can have a steam bath for fifteen minutes once every week next mix is ​​useful in improving the situation.

Add 15 drops of lavender oil, lavender to four cups of scorching water in a bowl and a metal over your face and the steam rising from it for a quarter of an hour.

As with infections on the skin Fasta another steam bath, in the following way:

Mint with a pinch of saltwater a diameter of 11 lemons
And cross your face to the hot.

Note When you work put a steam bath towel on your hair and cover your face and just a towel.

Mint acne
Do you know if the benefits of mint,y?our face
Sweet mint and mint cognitive what? Important to wash your face with the juice of mint.

Fresh every night to get rid of pimples, acne, eczema, scabies and many, Of skin problems.

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To remove the effects of cane Use a chamomile plant Lye:

And boil it three tablespoons of chamomile flower in a litre of water and after five minutes, drain and washing the face
And powder, chamomile flowers, if placed on boils working on her recovery.

Juice, garlic is also beneficial in the treatment of boils and small.

We advise you to eat plants that contain vitamin "A" such as carrots, spinach, potatoes and meat Eat Liver.

Finally, we say to you: Stay away and avoid nervous tension and anxiety because it will increase the situation worse, and God willing will be gone
Grain and effects in the simple

To clarify the mix are:

The grip of a small plant chamomile are added to two cups of scorching water to boiling for 20 minutes, then drain, and stained fluid blisters twice a day.

Precautions for the use of chamomile:

1 -people who suffer from allergies should not use Chamomiles.

2 - Chamomile does not attend the vessels and stores iron and combines with the iron-containing medicines for the material it contains tannin, and if combined with the iron generates toxic substance.

3 - Chamomile does not use over 14 days 3 times a day because it is a strong sedative, which significantly weakens it, the user may get sick.

As for your question, if there are other mixtures to remove the effects of acne, here's this mask:

A cup of pomegranate juice + a teaspoon of vinegar, and smearing this mixture with warts several times a day.

The following are acne mask and pimples:

- Can be prepared in paper cabbage and let boil hard, and then taken into water boiling, and are used Kousal of the face on the regions of grain and pimples;, using cotton swabs moistened with this laundry, and passed on the face, and can be saved in the refrigerator to use more than once, and that washing leads to the elimination of warts.

- Masks, cucumbers and yoghurt or lemon juice can also use garlic, after cut into small pieces, and place it on the pimples or the pills, even though it hurts a bit but it gives a very good result, and such masks are used twice daily morning and evening.

- Mask islands: 
humans without peeling carrots with the addition of a lemon for half an hour, and place it on the skin, which gives skin clarity and lustre, colour, and remove all wrinkles, pimples, and eliminates impurities that ascend the oily skin.

And also you two suggestions on the treatment of acne:

1 - the work of a diet which is to not eat less fat and carbohydrates and sugars.

2 - Take some herbs like a ring watercress and chicory, and also a lot of onions and garlic; Like these plants help to give skin a healthy look.