Benefits of onions, how to use it for treatment

Diseases addressed by the onion: -

Of whooping cough:

Cook onions in boiling water dissolved the sugar plant until his contract .. which is like honey, and taken (after filling in a flask) spoon after each meal, and children a teaspoon three times.


Drinking a cup of morning and evening from a mixture of honey and onion juice, and continue it for a month, it is extremely useful and tested before.

Infections of the lung:

Placed to spray onions heated above the chest, back, wrapped with cloth, before sleep every day it is amazing treatment for the elimination of pneumonia.

Of the prostate:

Soak the onions after being cut in the apple cider vinegar for three days and then drink from a cup on an empty stomach daily for ten days.


Chop the onion in rings and heated and placed it to spray over the right side and left-click on the kidneys and bladder (below the navel) with drinking onion juice and honey and lemon in hot water once or twice and then undo hardship, God willing.

Of strength and activity:

Drink onion juice mixed with tomato juice and a pinch of salt it, it strengthens the body and renews the activity at any time .. Boil the onions and lamb as well as with hits and then together in a blender with a cup of wheat culture medium, and drink Kalmriq two hours after lunch, it gives you strength in the muscles and the strength of the movement .. And grind the seeds of radish juice and knead in onions and thyme and then eaten with a soft cheese with olive oil, it is very tonic.

Of the reproductive power:

Brought cup honey and ½ cup onion, boiled together until it evaporates and onions that smell completely lack of honey, and taken from the spoon after each meal, it is very useful .. As well as eating onions and roasted pistachio Random palm and honey it is marvelous in its effect and its consequences.

Note committed with the ethics of Islam mentioned in the chapter on black bean for the same purpose.


Boil the onion shell (this is required and necessary) and then eaten it useful for psychiatric patients, or taken with juice, onion juice, lettuce, and hits it in a blender and drink the icy, it is very useful, God willing.


Onion peel taken after drying in the sun and a good grinding of the weight of the bark of oak, Aajna in honey, and taken from the spoon after each dish in a glass of juice a day Islands continuously for a month .. However inhale vapor onion before going to sleep for the same period.

For rheumatism:

Tells you where the pain vapor onions with olive oil before going to sleep, so cut large onion in a bowl of water and boil it and about the affected area of ​​the basin to meet steam, and olive oil is a massage in the morning, take a teaspoon thyme dried paste in a cup of honey for a week.

For bruises and trauma:

 onion juice mixed with a capacity of eucalyptus oil, and rub the mix so the place of infection in the morning and evening, with no stirring and straining the injured member.

For the healing of fractures and relieve pain:

Cook onion soup bone marrow, especially if the camel is not available Valbaqr, Kalmriq and drink at lunch every day, and after extracting the splint to eat a lot of onions, it will strengthen the nerves and helps speed healing of fracture, in sha Allaah.

For cancer sores:

Taken juice onions as much as a cup and take nettle (Ongerh - diskette), a [herb known to the peasants, and pressed from these papers as much as a spoon and add the onion juice and kneaded in a quantity of henna to make the form of ointment paint by sores cancer every day with a lot of drink mix nettles and onions as much as a teaspoon of each, followed by drinking a glass of milk, local honey bees.

Of abscesses, and stones:

Chopped onion in olive oil is heated without the whistles and placed Kalmriham and heal it with the cleaning every day, even if the pus out of them used the fat black bean to heal completely.

For warts:

Taken slice onions in vinegar and the saturation of the center, then put the patch on the warts and leave a day or two and then remove .. If they do not eradicate warts recur even disappear.

Of rotting sores:

Chopped onions and kneaded in olive oil or honey, and applied to the wound every day, it Edmlh and lock them.

Placed to spray with an onion grated from Alsngiwn (Symphytum) [frequently on the banks of canals and rivers] after shredded, and heal them mix them together after the evening to the morning daily for a week it is very useful.

Swelling of the fingers in the winter:

Placed to spray heated onion on the affected hand or foot evening before going to sleep until morning, then remove, wash and then hand painted with an olive oil massage.

For headaches:

Boil grated onion with the cloves in the ground paste and olive oil, leave to cool and then filtered and taken by the oil and rub the place of headaches, with a spoon to drink it before bed, even if the agent is lost due to headaches .. This treatment tonic for the nerves.

Of acne:

Taken and onion mash and then climb in wheat flour kneaded my country and hit the egg with two tablespoons Sesame oil and then painted this painting in the morning and evening to face with a lot of eating onions to purify the blood and to clean the stomach.

For atopic dermatitis:

Onion juice is taken with him and like him of wild thyme and make the form of a cream applied to the survey after the eczema very dilute solution of vinegar and repeated daily with a diet of Allergy and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and yeast bread and honey bees.

For skin cancer:

Onion juice is taken and flour Circuit Karagom and yellow as much as a quarter teaspoon of small and made of the ointment and applied to the day, and after the evening to wash painted with olive oil, and continue the patient on that for a week.

Kidney disease and gravel:

Nothing taken - without peeling - and sheathes the (stuffed) Flour intended dates after roasted coffee and mature so, then onion and eaten one every day for a week he spends on renal inflammation, and expels gravel and salt


Drink a cup of onion broth after all food, and soup cooked Bslq three links for a quarter of an hour in a pot of water and then filtered.

Cough for adults and children:

Taken and grated onion and received in a cup of honey for three hours and then filtered honey, taken from a spoon to eat after all.

To purify the blood and clean the body of salts:

Back to eat onions [stallion onions with a cheese and olive oil, this is certainly cleaner and pesticide all the harmful and strange in the human body weak.

Fractional urine:

 onion eaten daily, they reduce the fracture .. Loya then encouraged to eat the root of cabbage, it eliminates the urinary sugar completely, God willing.

Of diphtheria:

Chopped onions and heated overheating dry on low heat and then placed in the form of poultice on the throat and the bottom of the lower jaw a day, and Tlzk bandage from gauze with onion juice with lemon juice with warm water morning and evening.

Inflammation of almonds:

Placed to spray heated onions around the neck and above the throat gargle with onion juice and honey three times a day.

For diseases of the ear:

Placed to spray heated minced onions behind the ear and dripping with juice, onion, olive oil in the ear in the morning and evening with the cleaning every time.

Of the spleen:

Grilled onion shell after filling the black pill, fennel, onion Xanduch and then eaten with olive oil and a little cheese or grilled spleen, the spleen is very useful, and can be taken every two or three days.

For hair loss:

Take onion juice and massage the scalp him before going to sleep with the morning wash the scalp with warm water .. And repeated until it stops hair loss.

For lice and their eggs:

Taken parsley and squeeze as much like a spoon of onion juice and mix it together in the sesame oil and applied to the head every day with sun exposure experienced it .. And hygiene of the faith.

Of migraine:

Cup of onion juice is taken and placed the herb Alkhnchar [male fern] without washing until saturated and then placed in a sock and then placed after the filters on the sister for five minutes and then kept in the refrigerator and repeat until the migraine go away with the help of God altogether.

Of dizziness:

Stuff the onion Esprh and grilled in an oven (oven) filled Bakcherha after head [Solving the roots] and including Xanduch eaten with cheese or butter (and surprisingly experienced.)

For eye diseases:

Combine equal Kdran of onion juice and honey dripping from it in the eye, good eye drops.

White Water in the eye:

Dripping in the morning and evening to the eye of a mixture onion juice and honey in equal parts, it is proven and effective .. The healing is God alone.

To lose weight and diet:

To enjoy the slim athletic body, and melt the grease, and the elimination of paunches and contouring ..
Drink daily teaspoon of onion juice, and the possible mix in fruit juice.

The cold:

Placed to spray the onions heated above the neck end of the hair with one hand inhalation of vapor onions, chopped onion boiled it in water on low heat.

Of influenza:

Large onion eaten the evening before sleep, and then eaten a lemon Bakcherha, this proven to eliminate flu, and could use a meal of cheese as well.


Boil onion juice in the amount of honey, and drink a spoonful after each meal, and set to spray the onion dressing on the chest of paper before going to sleep.

Of hypotension:

Onion juice is taken as a spoon and Jnsta dyers and makes them emulsion, and adding a teaspoon of each of them a cup of hot water and drink the tea the evening before bedtime.

For angina:

Chest massage oil, onion and drink the patient emulsion (or A, paper) [Okhilaa with a thousand paper] on an empty stomach every day, and make tea Kosheri emulsion, which placed him in Brad tablespoon hot water and cover for five minutes, then drain and drink.

Of dyspepsia:

Climbing onion Bakcherha then cast them bark and then mash in honey and eaten in a sandwich with the work and repeat once or twice, and soon ends up quite poor digestion .. Similarly, if eating onions, dates, fennel, thyme and black bean and cheese, it is useful for indigestion.

For the expulsion of gases:

Drink onion juice mixed with boiled circuit sweetened with honey or sugar leaf and drink once a day, and the pickled onions is tested for the expulsion of gases.

For constipation:

Promise nothing in the milk and drink it without lifting the constipation and diarrhea control the movement of the stomach from the first time, and can repeat it.

Of renal colic:

Drink a tablespoon onion and one teaspoon vinegar Mmzojtin, the colic, then end up in minutes, God willing.

And the development of the spray from the grated onion with cloves or peppermint oil
On the place of colic, it is extremely useful.

For diarrhea:

Mixed with grated onion bin in addition to one teaspoon of honey, and eaten as much as a cup and the amounts are equal, so stop the diarrhea and eliminate its causes, God Almighty.

To expel worms:

Injected into the infected anal injection of boiled onions after the liquidation, it kills the worms and expel them.

Of strength, vitality and activity:

Grilled onion shell then tends chaff and knead in the honey and butter ground and placed in my bread wheat (Xanduch) and eaten at breakfast, followed by a pint of milk, it is extremely useful.