The importance of collagen to the body

Protein collagen rebuilding the body's cells and fighting the symptoms of aging

With age, our body cells begin to decrease and therefore the symptoms of aging begin to appear on our skin, hair and nails and even the internal cells in our body, which requires us fed dietary supplements of these cells to activate their work and especially the protein collagen, which is the main factor in the cells.

But what are the basic principles to address the protein collagen, and when and why? All of these questions we presented to Dr. Diane Scott Dr.Diane Scott to which she responded so ..

What is collagen?

Consists of collagen protein naturally in the human body in the bone skin cartilage, ligaments, and functions to maintain the health of cells, joints, skin, strengthen hair and nails, as we get older at least the body's production of collagen, starts decreasing at the age of twenty-fifth.

Is absorbed collagen in the body through the circulatory system and is characterized by supplementing food (natural collagen) from other dietary supplements fast absorption in the body due to its light weight of its molecules, which means his arrival into the cells of the body more quickly absorbs the human body Ninety-five percent of the dietary supplement (natural collagen ) oral intake within 12 hours only, and is this level of absorption gives an excellent and effective results.
What is the time required to get the results of eating (natural collagen)?

The results show positive for three weeks. And only in some cases up to three months duration and in all cases subject to the length of time to reach the level of life where the cell renewal process faster when younger people.

What are the benefits of eating (natural collagen)?

Help the human body to restore the natural rate of collagen is restoring the body's cells. Relieve the pain of arthritis and to maintain safety, improve flexibility and nutrition of the skin cells.Sensitivity and gives the apparent health of the skin and joints, decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the skin of the face, the province of collagen in the skin on the water makes it fresh and healthy. And lasting benefits of eating collagen for a long time, but gradually decrease when you stop, so it is advisable to keep on treating eating collagen to maintain the natural presence in the body.

Are there side effects from eating (natural collagen)?

Studies on eating natural collagen did not reveal any side effects or conflict with Taking other medicines.

What is the source of supplementary food ?

After painstaking research in the various types of collagen wife. We found the best types of bovine collagen, which is supported by research and studies by international agencies such as management of Food and Drug Administration, and contains collagen from cows on the amino acids similar to those found in the human body are produced  in the UK.