What are the benefits of cabbage??

Brassica vegetables known which are used for the purpose of cooking, and also well known for medicinal properties (where it is said that cabbage contains Muadi chemical to prevent cancer.) And returns its many uses to the Greek Era, where the Romans were using the juice, cabbage white in the treatment of eye congested or those exposed to infection .. During this time period the Romans and the Egyptians used to drink cabbage juice before meals to prevent entry of toxins to their bodies.

Warning with the use of cabbage

Not to eat raw cabbage in his image (before cooking), if the person is suffering from goiter, or taking anti-depressants, The Red cabbage cooked cause constipation or irritable bowel

Benefits of cabbage

1 - cabbage vegetables anti-Marauder.

2 - the cabbage contains lactic acid, which works as a disinfectant of the colon.

3 - cabbage is used as a treatment to reduce the pain of headaches.

4 - other interest of the cabbage on the properties it contains anti-cancer.

5 - Drink cabbage juice extracted from the leg is a good treatment for ulcers.

Uses of cabbage: -

 Drink fresh cabbage juice if the person is suffering from inflammation of the stomach .- drinking of 25-50 ml of cabbage juice per day treated headaches, asthma and inflammation of the airways and digestive problems other cabbage juice .
- clear white mouth ulcer treatment helps to quickly

Advisory with the use of cabbage

A - Wash cabbage only when you use.

B - Find the fruit with the head of cabbage that is heavy and off of them more than 3-4 external papers.

C - once it is cut up cabbage leaves lose their vitamin C it contains.