What are the benefits of option


What are the benefits of an option?

1. Seeds of the option have the same effect on pumpkin sowing, a yield of urine, and break-up of sand and gravel.

2. Killer worm only:
 1 \ 2 ounces of seed option grind and crush and mix with sugar, taken on an empty stomach and drink an hour later or two hours is a strong laxative.

3. Seeds used in:
 - diseases percolating
- And inflammatory bowel disease
- Infections of the urinary tract diseases
- Modify the acidity of the stomach

4. Calming the nerves and processor of psychiatric morbidity and mood, removes stress and psychological revolutions lives.

5. Hypotensive, especially that which relates to the reasons psychological.

6. Addresses the allergy especially sensitive skin, urticaria, and pressed option and drink in the morning and evening cup of coffee and the amount of repeat painted on the skin.

7. Oil has used the option and its derivatives in formulations of cosmetic, moderator, and cooled and conditioner for the skin of all the diseases that irritate the skin, especially if the cause by the sun, or skin lesions, and mixed option in the preparation of a "soap" solid and liquid soap, and gelatin Jelly. And attend the cucumber juice and blends Balglesran a liquid softener and disinfectant to the skin.
 There is a cosmetic composition of the skin which is a milk option consists of (soap, olive oil, beeswax, almond oil, fresh cucumber juice, and alcohol).

8. In perfumes made special oil gives the smell of the option.

9. Fighting diseases, headaches, especially with rings on the front and thin on the cheek.

10. Struggling option thirst of a laxative nature and addresses the Qbodh stomach and constipation.

11. Antipyretic and diets.

12. Option activates the liver and jaundice treated.

13. Option prevents palpitations and rapid heartbeat.


Prevent the multiplication of choice for patients infected with:

• rheumatic diseases of the large water and moisture in it.

• disease and hardening of the arteries Nhaffha disease and strokes and Allqoh and Parkinson's disease.

• is better than less advanced in age.

• preferably not be used in patients with apathy or impotence