Coffee risks and benefits,,,

As we know that everyone drinks coffee, tea, and the vast majority is unaware of what is coffee? And the amount of coffee covered by rights in a day? What are the economic value?And nutritional benefit from them? And symptoms of poisoning resulting from the coffee? And when the risks posed by over-eat?What are the situations that prevent them drinking coffee? And its impact on children?What are the therapeutic benefits?

We know in the beginning and economic value of coffee
Coffee tree species Alfoah seeds, called coffee, seeds, toasted and ground and used as is common here in the Gulf countries is that some countries add sugar and milk to coffee and coffee general stimulant to the nerves and cause insomnia and secretor of the acidity of the stomach so used after food Khadma are useful in the treatment of poisoning, drug and rehabilitation Almsmomcin.

If the increased amount of human intake of three cups a day become harmful and lead to addiction Fadtrb sleep and bowel movements and reduce the appetite of the marriage and food.

For your information:

 Vabann the most important cash crop in Brazil for a long time, producing about a third of world production reached its share of the total coffee exports in the international trade of a substantial and concentrated coffee-growing in the state of Sao Paulo and Rudy Janeiro and Minas Jrles, due to the availability of factors of production from the soil fertile and the climate and the hands of a dense .

Second, recall rate and symptoms of food poisoning resulting from the coffee.

That coffee and tea have no interest food and limited usefulness of coffee and tea on the activity that gives these drinks for the nervous system in particular and body in general and help these drinks to digest food when taken after a meal, but occur intractable severe and troublesome strong in the process of digestion when taken before meals and there are manypurposes of poisoning caused by coffee, which include:

1 - loss of appetite
2 - anxiety and turmoil
3 - insomnia and Alshad
4 - the rise in temperature
5 - sweating cold
6 - underweight and wasting
7 - intestinal cramps

Third, when the risks caused by excessive intakes and prevent situations where drinking coffee
If you drink ten cups of coffee a day, equivalent to one gram of caffeine showing the following symptoms:

1 - heart palpitations
2 - diarrhea
3 - Frequent urination
4 - vomiting and vomiting
5 - intellectual confusion
6 - vibrations and spasms of the face and

There are many cases prevent the coffee and tea, including:

1 - neurological diseases accompanied by irritation and the thinner
2 - Increasing the proportion of uric acid in the blood
3 - high blood pressure
4 - constipation
5 - ulcer of the stomach and duodenal
6 - heart disease
7 - biliary stones
8 - uroliths
9 - chronic inflammation of the bowel
10 - increase the proportion of cholesterol in the blood
11 - goitre
12 - heart palpitations
13 - heart wound
14 - Circle
15 - Lin brain
16 - hardening of the arteries
17 - They are the coronary arteries
18 - inflammation of the arteries of the Parties

Fourth, the impact on children and their therapeutic benefits
He also must refrain from providing coffee and tea for the children before they reach the second year of the old apparatus of children susceptible to this type of drinks.
After the children beyond the second year must be careful to provide a lot of coffee or tea, but were subjected to neurological disorders may be dangerous in many cases.

Therapeutic benefits:

1 - You can treat childhood diarrhea by giving them a small amount of coffee syrup to make it a thick three times a day by half a cup.
2 - are placed on wounds that bleed Vtqtaha to be fried and Medkoukh