Benefits of dates


Benefits of dates

Seven dates on an empty stomach ... Why do you?

To know the greatness of your prophet and Read the to know people

Do you know the benefits of dates...

1 - To reduce the cholesterol level in blood and prevention of atherosclerosis because it contains pectin.

2 - prevent cancer of the large intestine and the prevention of disease, haemorrhoids and reduce gallstones form of bitterness and to facilitate the stages of pregnancy and childbirth, as it contains fibre and good sugars rapid digestion.

3 - prevention of tooth decay because it contains fluorine.

4 - Prevention of poison because it contains sodium, potassium and Vitamin C.

5 - Treatment of anaemia (anaemia) because it contains iron, copper, vitamin B 2.

6 - a cure for rickets and osteomalacia because it contains calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A.

7 - to treat loss of appetite and lack of concentration because it contains potassium.

8 - a cure for the weakness of the public and heart palpitations because it contains magnesium and copper.

9 - a cure for rheumatism and brain cancer because it contains boron.

10 - Anti-cancer because it contains, we have observed selenium that the inhabitants of the oases do not know the cancer.

11 - treatment for erectile dysfunction because it contains boron, vitamin A.

12 - treatment for dry skin and dry cornea of ​​the eye disease and night blindness because it contains vitamin A.
13 - Treatment of Gastroenterology nervous because it contains vitamin B- 1.

14 - a cure for hair loss and stress, the eyes and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, sore lips because it contains vitamin B 2.

15 - a cure for skin infections because it contains vitamin niacin.

16 - a cure for scurvy, a general weakening of the body and heart palpitations and shortness of breath
And contraction of blood vessels and the appearance of red spots on the skin and the weakness in the bones and teeth to contain vitamin C (2) or ascorbic acid. ( Of dates, you can draw many drugs, antibiotics and vitamins
To drugs, for prescriptions to treat diseases referred to earlier).

17 - Treatment of acidity in the stomach because it contains chlorine, sodium and potassium.

18 - Treatment of gum disease and the weakness of capillary blood vessels, muscle weakness and cartilage because it contains Vitamin C.

Proven that the Messenger of Allah bless him:

(From becoming seven dates)

In a word:
(From high-pass does not matter that day in the magic cwm)

And proved that peace be upon him, he said:

(House dates the hungry people)

And proved that peace be upon him

Butter dates, eat it, and eat dates, bread, and eat it solely

Dates and liver tonic laxative for printing increases in it and eat it on an empty stomach kills worms.

And also to pass many kinds of benefits


It is the element of magnesium-rich foods that protect against cancer.


That has a significant impact on calming the nerves for people with neurological diseases.


The normal mixture of iron and calcium and the body digest easily received by all of this in dates.

Finally, do not skimp on the people to disseminate this publication. Which the greatness of the Prophet. Who taught him and God taught him.