We have found an answer against the Coronavirus


The president of Madagascar says we found the Covid -19 treatment

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We have found an answer against the coronavirus, plus do not undervalue African researchers The President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, rejected the criticism leveled in the nation of his for a cure he would say "his country has found it against the emerging coronavirus," and also subsequently confirmed it is recovering in 10 days.

He recalled in an interview with French-speaking "France 24", the treatment is really an organic treatment, called "COVID Organics".

He considered that uncertainties arose about this cure, basically because it originates from Africa and added: "They cannot acknowledge that a nation as this particular cure was covered by Madagascar to preserve the earth... African researchers should not be underestimated," and also accused the West of contempt for regular African medicine.

He said: "If it was not Madagascar which had discovered this treatment, and just in case it would be a European country which had discovered it, is there this considerable doubt? I don't believe so."

The new coronavirus will continue to distribute all around the planet regardless of the precautionary and preventive steps taken by many places to have it, and the number of pandemic cases exceeded the 4 million mark, although the number of deaths exceeded 285 thousand cases.

 While the Iraqi Ministry of Health announced the registration of one demise plus fifty-one new cases of Coronavirus during the prior twenty-four many hours, the Jordanian Ministry of Health announced the registration of twenty-two extra cases of Coronavirus, getting the full to 562 cases, moreover the Jordanian Minister of State for Information that's Public announces the return of public sector workers to work as of twenty-six this month.