The benefits of black seed or Nigella sativa


The benefits of black seed or Nigella sativa

The benefits of black seed or Nigella sativa

The benefits of black seed on an empty stomach:

 beyond imagination

Dear reader, you can use the Nigella sativa regularly to avoid infection with many viral and immune diseases.

 And that is by eating 7 pills with a spoonful of honey from bees daily on an empty stomach to avoid any harm.

 You can add a quarter of a teaspoon of it in its coarse picture to a cup of milk and eat it on an empty stomach or in the morning.

 Boil it with a glass of water and inhale the resulting steam to strengthen the respiratory system.

 Use boiled nigella seeds and sweeten them with white honey to boost immunity, but only once a day.

 You can drink a cup of it boiled with fenugreek seeds and fennel seeds to increase immunity efficiency.

 It can be added to many foods and baked goods to increase its nutritional value. Black seed oil can also be placed on a glass of water and eaten on an empty stomach.

 Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory helps the black seed to strengthen immunity and fight many diseases.

 because it contains thymoquinone oil and is a strong antioxidant.

·         Dry skin treatment mix
·         Reducing cholesterol
·         Treating sore throats
·         Radiation protection
·         Promoting mental health
·         Promoting healthy hair
·         Preserving the skin


What are the benefits of black seed on an empty stomach?

 What health and aesthetic problems might these wonderful pills treat?

The benefits of black bean on an empty stomach These are the most important potential benefits of eating a handful of black beans daily on an empty stomach.


  • Losing extra pounds, a teaspoon of black bean on an empty stomach and before bed can help you lose excess kilograms in a safe manner, but if you have any health problems, you should see a doctor first.
  • Bringing black bean hair is known for its many benefits related to hair growth, strengthening and intensification. Whether you are considering applying black seed oil topically to the hair or eating a handful of black beans on an empty stomach daily, the results will definitely surprise you.
  • Eat a tablespoon of honey and mint on an empty stomach and enjoy these benefits

·         It improves mood and relieves stress.


  •  Increase the body's immunity and thus protect against the risks of infectious diseases.

  •         Eating honeybees with crushed pond treats, asthma and coughing.

Dr Salah Mohamed El-Sayed, a professor of biochemistry at Taibah University in Madinah who holds a doctorate in medicine stressed the great importance of the black seed "the pill of blessing" in strengthening the human system, noting that it has many uses, most notably the resistance to the coronavirus, which after its use In more than one additional way, he was credited with escaping from four people who were infected with the virus.

Dr Salah El-Sayed continued to mention the benefits of grass in treating the Coronavirus:

Unfortunately, even a repeated scenario can be seen in a number of our country's hospitals, unfortunately, a patient with severe coughing and difficulty breathing came to the emergency walk on his feet ،and made sure he had a corona replacement ... Hours later Things got worse.

 Taking oxygen and antibiotics ... He entered breathing failure and there was no respirator the patient died.

Was it possible a lot? avoid wastage to save a lot from I?

Yes, they can be saved... And I testify that tons of patients like him were able to save their lives...

Did we misread the patient?

But it can be saved as long as it does not reach a respiratory failure ... And if the respiratory failure arrives, it must be a ventilator.

How to save the patient with difficulty breathing.

 which leads to failure to breathe because of the coved -19 ،We  need  to have an alternative drug in the emergency pharmacy, which we return with our limited capabilities ...

How do we attend it?  

Put 6 grams of black seed in 200 to 400 ml of water ... And heat it for a few minutes... Allow it to relax and get rid of the seeds ... Put it inside the mysterious steam ... And provide the patient with frequent steam sessions, thank God you will notice a quick improvement...

What is the scientific basis for it?  

The black bean solution vapour reaches the trachea, bronchi and lungs ... Reduces the spread of the Coronavirus, preserves tissues and repairs what is damaged from them ... It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory effect

Are there skilled patients.

Yes… Many patients...

Is this treatment sufficient?

Not enough…. Often this is just a quick ambulance to prevent a complete inflammation of nostalgia that leads to respiratory failure.....

So what is the ultimate treatment?

We respect what doctors decide ... And should be 6 doses per day of medical nutritional therapy