What is oregano, uses and benefits recipes


What is oregano, uses and benefits recipes

What is oregano, uses and benefits recipes

Oregano may be a familiar herb that many individuals know from dishes like pizza and spaghetti sauce. Among the foremost widely used herbs worldwide, it's found in Mexican cuisine and Mediterranean and is really one among the parts of flavorer. 

The dried form is extremely common, but fresh oregano is additionally employed in some dishes. You'll find it year-round in both forms.

 what's Oregano?

Oregano is a herb composed of the fresh or dried leaves of the oregano plant. The plant has small leaves that lend a pungent aroma and powerful flavour to a spread of tasty food items. When in bloom, the plant sports pink or perhaps purple flowers, which also are edible? As an herb, it's suitable and gluten-free for Paleo and vegan diets.

 sorts of Oregano Common oregano is botanically referred to as oregano, Greek for "joy of the mountains." It is often found growing wild on mountainsides of Greece alongside other Mediterranean countries during which it is a herb of choice. it had been relatively unused in America until returning war II soldiers heightened the recognition of pizza. the reality is, sales of oregano increased by 5,200 per cent between 1948 and 1956 thanks to pizza mania.

 Mexican oregano (Lippai gravels) is deemed to be the strongest flavoured variety. It's truly from another botanical family and is additionally referred to as Mexican marjoram or maybe Mexican wild clary.

 If your recipe involves Mexican oregano specifically, never substitute another variety. just in case you're making yummy flavorer, use Mexican oregano for its strong, peppery flavour.

Oregano vs. Marjoram

Oregano is definitely confused with its close relative, marjoram. within the Mediterranean, oregano is additionally referred to as oregano, but that does not mean it's marjoram. Marjoram's botanical name is sweet marjoram, so it's an equivalent genus as oregano but it's another species. Marjoram's gentler flavour is sweeter compared to oregano, that's slightly woodsy with an aromatic and warm taste. And marjoram's aroma isn't as pungent as oregano's.

 to up the confusion to the combination, they appear tons alike. Marjoram has leaves that are slightly hairy and more grey-green in colour, while oregano has green coloured leaves, but generally, they've similar appearances.

Fresh vs. Dried

Fresh oregano has the foremost flavour and aroma. Strip the leaves from the stem and discard the stem. Fresh oregano is usually utilized in a bouquet garni for creating soups and stocks.

 For this particular use, don't strip leaves from the sprigs and instead tie it up with the bulk of the herbs. it's easy to grow your own oregano alongside a garden so you've got it easily available.

Dried oregano is that the better common form and a few people prefer it because it's far more subtle and doesn't overpower dishes as fresh oregano might.

What Does It Taste Like?

The aroma of oregano features a camphor note. The taste is pungent and described as earthy and green with a couple of hay and mint. It is often slightly bitter.

Cooking With Oregano

Unlike another herb, dried oregano is often added at the start of the baking process for sauces and stews because the flavours of its will stand the maximum amount as cooking. Crush dried oregano to release more flavour before adding it to the recipe.

 If you've created your own dried oregano, use just the dried leaves instead of the stems unless you're likely to get rid of the stems from the finished dish (as in baking fish full of sprigs of oregano also as other herbs).

Garlic, onion, thyme, basil, parsley, and vegetable oil are common complementary seasoning partners with oregano.

Fresh oregano goes to possess a good more aggressive flavour, so it's essential that you simply are careful with what proportion you add. Far an excessive amount of can make the dish bitter and out of balance.

Recipes With Oregano

Oregano is often utilized in quite a pizza and spaghetti sauce. the gorgeous green herb adds a delicious, and maybe unexpected, earthy flavour to several dishes like chicken, seafood, hamburgers, even beans. Also, try it during a fresh homemade pesto for a touch of a much more robust topping for fish or pasta.


If you discover you're out of oregano, marjoram could also be substituted. Use half the quantity involved of oregano. Basil, savoury, and thyme are other possible substitutions.

to be ready to substitute fresh oregano for dried, and or the other way around, the equivalent is that one tablespoon fresh oregano equals one teaspoon dried.

If your recipe needs A level of fresh oregano, the conversion process is 1 ounce of fresh oregano equals 1/2 cup chopped fresh oregano.

Where to shop for Oregano Dried oregano is quickly available in bottles which are little within the spice section of the supermarket, and you'll find it in bulk at warehouse stores. Fresh oregano is usually found during a plastic clamshell sold within the product or fresh herb section, alternatively, you'll find it at farmers markets. Search for bunches that are rich green which haven't gone limp.


Store dried oregano during a cool, dark, dry location in an airtight container (glass preferred). Fresh oregano should be stashed away during a clear bag within the refrigerator. It should be used quickly, but just in case you've got a rather damp towel within the bag it'd last for up to every week. One other thanks to store fresh oregano is placing the stems during a cup of water with a bag loosely tented over the glass. you're ready to also consider freezing fresh oregano to urge year-round.