36 health and body benefits of strawberries


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36 health and body benefits of strawberries
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Many individuals know Strawberries as Ground berries, Tut of earth, And Shalek, and strawberries are among the most popular fruits. According to botany, it is a climbing shrub that belongs to the pink family.  Researcher can follow strawberries back to Europe in the eighteenth century, however today it develops everywhere on over the world. 

There are over 600 assortments of strawberries that vary in taste, size, and surface. Strawberries are accessible, lasting through the year, yet the pinnacle season is from April to July. It is a crossbreed fruit from two sorts of cranberries that were taken from North America and Chile and can be acquired solidified. 

To get great quality strawberries, we must take care not to pick delicate or stained organic products, as their delicate surface makes them spoilable, and they ought to be set in the cooler which adds to protecting their nutrient C content. 

Also, it is one of the organic products that have an energizing smell, its unmistakable taste that causes it to have many sweethearts hanging tight for it to come in its season to eat it much of the time, and did you know, dear peruser, that eating strawberries continually shields you from contamination with many maladies?. The report distributed in the paper affirmed this "metro".

As per this report, which was distributed and clarifies the significance, effortlessness, and significance of strawberries, he showed that they contain many supplements and nutrients essential to the soundness of the human body, and this is the explanation behind making them so particular, in providing the body with the missing components to it. 

We find that strawberries contain a high level of zinc and an enormous extent of serious cancer prevention agents to strengthen the safe framework within the body and causes you to practice an honest relationship, as they contain "biotin" and ellagic corrosive and nutrient C, and a high extent of magnesium, calcium, and iron, thus it's Food is superb for your wellbeing, as per the distributed report.

plant biology: how strawberries bear fruit

a protein that is worried about producing plant boom hormones - referred to as gibberellin hormones - also determines whether a strawberry plant will bear fruit, or whether it's going to reproduce itself.

strawberries (pictured), like many flowering flora, can reproduce both sexually or asexually.

 Farmers depend on both characteristics. sexual replica produces the culmination, while non-sexual replica offers farmers with cloned plants of useful strawberry sorts. to analyze greater approximately how this technique is instruction, researchers led by Christophe ruthan and Beatrice deny of the French national institute for agricultural studies in Bordeaux studied the mutant strawberries, which do now not produce a "stalk," the call given to the lengthy aerial stems that produce cloned plant life.

The crew found that plant life delivers a mutation in a protein called gibberellin-20-oxidase, which is crucial for the manufacturing of gibberellin hormones. treating regular strawberry plants with a chemical inhibited the gibberellin oxidase protein (GPR), which inhibited lead growth. And protein may also present a goal for plant breeders. To control the balance of the presence of lead versus flora.

Nutritional value




32 kcal


0.67 g


0.3 g


 7.68 g

  Calcium, Ca

16 mg

  Iron, Fe

0.41 mg

  Sodium, Na

1 mg

  Vitamin C, final ascorbic

acid 58.8 mg

Vitamin A, Iu

12 IU


0 mg






Total Calories


Calories from carbohydrates


Calories from fat


Calories from protein


The amount of vitamins



Vitamin C, final ascorbic acid

 58.8 mg


0.02 mg


 0.02 mg


 0.39 mg

Pantothenic acid

 0.13 mg

Vitamin B

6 0.05 mg

Folic acid, final

24 mcg

Folic acid, food

 24 mcg

Folic acid, DFE

24 mcg DFE

Choline, final

5.7 mg


0.2 mg

Vitamin B-12

0 mcg

Vitamin A, IU

12 IU

Vitamin E

0.29 mg

Vitamin D (D2 + D3)

 0 mcg

Vitamin D2

0 mcg

Vitamin D3

0 mcg

Vitamin D

0 IU

Vitamin K (phylloquinone)

2.2 mcg

The amount of minerals



Calcium, Ca

 16 mg

Iron, Fe

 0.41 mg

Magnesium, Mg

 13 mg

Phosphorous, P

24 mg

Potassium, K

153 mg

Sodium, Na

 1 mg

Zinc, Zn

0.14 mg

Copper, Cu

 0.05 mg

Manganese, Mn

0.39 mg

Selenium, Se

0.4 mcg

Fluoride, F

4.4 mcg

Proteins and amino acids




 0.67 g

Essential amino acids


0.01 g


0.02 g


 0.02 g


0.03 g


 0.03 g


0 g


 0.02 g


 0.02 g


 0.01 g

Non-essential amino acids


0 g


0.01 g


0.02 g


 0.02 g


 0.03 g


0.03 g


0.03 g


 0.02 g


0.03 g


0 g




Carbohydrates 205

 7.68 g


 291 2 g


269 4.89 g


209 0.04 g

Cane sugar

 0.47 g

Fruit sugar

2.44 g


0 g

Barley sugar

0 g


0 g

Fatty acids and fats




0.3 g

Fatty acid saturated final

 0.02 g

Fatty acid, total monounsaturated

 0.04 g

Fatty acid, total polyunsaturated

0.16 g

Fatty acid, final unsaturated

 0 g

Fatty acids, total monounsaturated

0 g

Fatty acid, total polyunsaturated

0 g

Strawberry botanical description

The root system of strawberries

The strawberry features a fibrous rootage. This group arises from the thick, short stems that are on the brink of the soil surface. The roots extend horizontally for a distance of 30 cm from all directions below the soil surface.
 Then it's oriented vertically and therefore the roots reach a distance of 50-90 cm and there are about 90% of the roots within the upper 15 cm of the soil.

 These roots live for about one year or less, counting on the environmental conditions.
 Where strawberries are considered one among the foremost sensitive plants to poor environmental conditions like drought and cold, and restoration round the base of the plant by about 2-3 cm of soil increases the fixation of the roots within the soil.

Strawberry stems

The strawberry plant features a short main stem, and it forms new stems because the plant grows vertically and horizontally .. Where the vertical growth forms new stems, which are thick and short and emerge from the axis of the leaves that are already crowded.

 These new stems form at a level slightly above the first leg.
 because the growth continues during this way, the plant stalk appears gradually on the surface of the soil, and therefore the plant appears as a bundle of stems, and this area of ​​the plant during which the short stems and therefore the roots and crowded leaves emerge is understood because the crown and it comprises several subs-crowns, these stems are formed within the daytime Short and doesn't have its root group.

Cluster of flowers in strawberry

The inflorescence in strawberries comprises a series of double branches, each of which ends with a flower, and therefore the flower during which the first top of the flower ends is named the first flower, and it's the most important flower and provides the most important fruits in size, which are called the first fruits, as all other branches end with the flower With similar flowers, the dimensions of the fruit and therefore the number of seeds in it gradually decreases from the first fruit to the fifth level fruits that bear on the fourth level of the juicy branches.

Strawberry flower

As for the strawberry, the flower is white, its diameter is between 2.5 - 3 cm. The cup comprises 4 - 5 green sepals, and there are five leaflets under the sepals, while the corolla comprises five oval-shaped petals. The stamens are many arranged in “3” perimeters. many carpels.

As for pollination in strawberries, it's mixed. it's often administered by insects, also because the wind may transmit pollen grains, and bee insects are among the foremost important insects pollinated in strawberries because it performs the pollination process with high efficiency. The dimensions of the contained strawberry fruits depend on the number of bee visits.

Strawberry fruit

As for the strawberry fruit, they consider it a clustered fruit comprising the juicy, enlarged, and therefore the real fruits it bears appear as if small blackberries distributed over it during a geometric arrangement, and every fruit has approximately 50-400 seeds.

The most important strawberry varieties

1- Douglas

This variety is taken into account one among the foremost important varieties that were tested in Kuwait within the seventies and gave fruitful results .. because it is found in winter cultivation that begins in November because it is taken into account very early, its fruits are very large and dark and wish to be harvested at close intervals.

2-  Tufts

Of the winter varieties, it's distinguished by its large, solid fruits of bright red color with long necks. However, one among its shortcomings is its sensitivity to some agricultural pesticides that contain sulfur.

3- Fresno

One of the strong-growing varieties that tolerate salinity and are suitable for marketing due to their strong hardness and is additionally characterized by fairly large fruits that produce abundant purlin.

4- Tioga

A high-yielding early winter crop with hard, bright red fruits that produce many stacks with yellow seeds. The fruits are suitable for shipping, export, and marketing.

5- Salinas

Medium early ripening variety with large, medium-firm fruits.

How to grow strawberries

It is known that the strawberry plant is taken into account one among the sensitive plants, so sandy and lightweight clay soils are considered one among the simplest soils for planting strawberries, as strawberry cultivation fails in poorly drained land or infested with fungi and weeds, while saline soils cause plant stunting, burning of leaf edges and therefore the death of active roots in Absorption.

Strawberry reproduction

As for the tactic of reproduction in strawberries, it's done through the "successor", and therefore the stem or seedlings are obtained by dividing the compound crowns of the mothers' plants within the old crops.

 Planters prune backers by removing yellow outer leaves and old, clumpy roots and pruning a part of the green leaves.

Planting method

As for the tactic of cultivation, where farmers prepare the land and divide it into lines of roughly 90 cm wide and plow the land well and preferably cover it with black and white plastic that maintains soil moisture and water evaporation, also as preserving fruits from damage and growth of weeds.


Farmers create holes within the lines and plant seedlings inside them, the space between plants is approximately 20-40 cm. The plants are fertilized with nitrogen first, to extend the vegetative growth and irrigate with water regularly.

 1- Cultivation is completed on one side with surface irrigation to facilitate service operations and preserve the fruits from infection by molds - it's not preferred to plant on one side in highly saline land.

 2- it does the planting on two sides with drip irrigation. (Seedlings must be immersed during a disinfectant solution before planting for 20 minutes to stop root rot).

 Strawberries are often planted manually with water, or the trenches or pegs can make trenches within the absence of water .- the basis system of the seedling must be extended and completely buried within the trench in order that only the apical bud appears above the soil surface.

 Seedlings shouldn't be exposed to the sun during planting.

9 recommendations to extend strawberry production and protect the crop from pests

1- Strawberry farmers, during the month of August, must prepare the land for cultivation with good plowing, remove perennial weeds like grass and halva, and add 10 to twenty m3 of municipal fertilizer per acre. 

2- Strawberry growers, during the month of August, must re-plow the land again and irrigate a false irrigation to grow weeds, then plow the land.

3- Strawberry farmers, during the month of August, must plow the land again to urge obviate the cultivated weeds after the false watering.\ 

4- Strawberry growers must, during the month of August, add superphosphate fertilizer by spreading the entire area before planning at a rate of fifty to 100 kg per acre.

5- Strawberry growers, during the month of August, should plan the land at a rate of 9 to 10 lines within the reeds and divide into individual lines and wipe the lines well.

6- Strawberry growers must level the bottom with laser-supported leveling devices.

7- Strawberry growers should add soil fungicide control to urge obviate fungi that harm the roots.

«Stretched strawberry plantations»

8- Strawberry growers must, during the month of August, remove the dry leaves of the diseased plants from the past year, clean the land from the weeds and fertilize at a rate of fifty kg of ammonia sulfate per acre per month.

9 - Strawberry growers, during the month of August, must combat aphids and whitefly, also as fungal diseases like leaf spot and mildew, using the recommended pesticides.

Plastic uses in strawberry cultivation:

They employ plastic in strawberry cultivation for the subsequent reasons:

  • Warming the soil and inspiring root and vegetable growth.
  •  Increase the quantity of early harvest.
  • Reducing the share of unfit for marketing, besides producing fruits barren of soil particles.
  •  they use Transparent plastic when planting in previously sterilized soil, as sterilization eliminates weed seeds, and thus don't germinate under the plastic caps.
  • They use black plastic when planting in non-sterile soil, to dam light from the seeds of weeds and thus not germinating under the plastic.
  •  Covering takes place in November for winter planting, while coverage takes place in December for summer planting.
  • They make slots within the plastic lids for the plants to exit.
  •  they fix the plastic on each side of the road with a ductwork during which they place the sting of the plastic and that they do the backfilling thereon.
  • They shall fix the plastic over the road using galvanized wire at distances of 15-20 cm.
  •  they remove the plastic when the temperature rises above 30? they are doing not expose M in order that the fruits to wreck.

Care for the crop after planting :

We consider the first months after planting an important period for obtaining a high yield, and there are several things that must be met to ensure an abundant production, namely.

  1. Providing an adequate amount of moisture around the plant by regular irrigation according to the prevailing weather: Autumn: irrigation is every 5-10 days. Winter: irrigation is every 7-15 days. Summer irrigation is every 3-7 days.
  2.  they must take it in their attention that the irrigation water does not reach the back of the line during the fruiting period because this increases the percentage of fruit rot.
  3. The root system of strawberries is superficial and concentrated in the surface area of ​​the soil. Therefore, it is preferable to provide an appropriate level of nitrogen fertilizers (75 - 100 kg ammonia sulfate) per month / acre.
  4. Urea is not preferred as a source of nitrogen.
  5.  we spray Foliar fertilizers at a rate of once every 3-4 weeks, taking into account not to mix them with fungicides or insecticides.
  6.  With summer planting, flower buds appear early after planting several days after planting, and these shoots must be removed quickly in order not to affect the vegetative growth and thus the quantity of the crop.
  7. We should do hoeing operations at regular intervals to get rid of weeds.
  8. At the beginning of flowering, 75-100 kg of potassium sulfate should be added (acre/month).


In sandy soils, about 2-3 kg of ammonia sulfate, 20 kg of superphosphate fertilizer, and about 7 kg of potassium sulfate are added to at least one acre (1000) square meters. During cultivation, it adds equivalent quantities for 3 equal batches.

During the amount of growth, the outgrowths that form after transplanting the plants must be removed so as to not weaken the expansion of the first plants. Also, the uprooting of the affected and old leaves must be observed, in order that within the end, the farmer appears strong plants with good productivity.

Under the flood irrigation system: an acre of strawberries needs 1000 kg of ammonia sulfate 20.5% or ammonia nitrate, 500 kg of potassium sulfate 48%, 200 kg of superphosphate.

Fertilization stages

  •  before planting - during preparing the land.

  • After 3 weeks of planting.

  • After every 12 days, of previous treatment and before flowering until the start of the contract.

  • From the start of flowering every 10 days.

  •  About a month after flowering

  •   From the start of the contract before each run

Compost type / acre

20 m3 municipal fertilizer + 100 kg superphosphate.

50 kg ammonia sulfate or 50 kg ammonia nitrate.

50 kg superphosphate.

50 kg ammonia sulfate or 50 kg ammonia nitrate.

50 kg potassium sulfate.

50 kg potassium sulfate + 25 kg superphosphate.

25 kg superphosphate.

25 kg of ammonia sulfate.

Foliar fertilization under flood irrigation:

Under the flood irrigation system, the plants should be sprayed once a month after planting with foliar fertilizers that contain iron chelate. Zinc; Manganese in a ratio of 4: 1: 1, respectively, used at a rate of (1 mm / L).

Fertilization under a drip or sprinkler irrigation system:

Liquid compound fertilizers are best for fertilizing strawberries under a drip irrigation system.

These fertilizers are easy to use, besides containing nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous elements in a pure form that can be soluble in water, and the plant can absorb them easily, and they also play a role in reducing the acidity of irrigation water.

Harvesting strawberry fruits the way to affect fruits after harvest:

Harvesting strawberries depends on the aim that they're intended

1- Fruits collected for export or marketing during a remote location

  •  they collect the fruits fully formed or almost fully formed.

  • The collection must be through with the cup sticking to the fruit.

  • Not collecting the fruits overripe, because that exposes them to spoilage.

  •  Exclude spoiled fruits.

- If the aim of collection is exported, then the fruits are collected in wooden trays 30 x 40 cm high, 7 cm high, lined with sponge .. Fruits that conform to the export specifications are often collected and packaged within the field directly inside the export packages then transferred to the house of packing and storage until export.

2- Fruits collected for the aim of producing

  •  Full coloring pool without a trophy.

  • Damaged and overripe fruits are excluded.

 36 health and body Benefits of strawberries

1- Rich Source of Vitamin C:

 Strawberries are an upscale source of vitamin C, which is one vitamin dissolved in water and is an antioxidant necessary for the health of the skin and therefore the system, and it's important for the expansion and restoration of damaged tissues throughout the body, and it's also included within the composition of 1 of the proteins important for the formation of skin, tendons, and ligaments And blood vessels, additionally to preserving and restoring cartilage, forming bones and teeth, and helps iron absorption.

2-  Rich source of minerals:

 Strawberries contain several important minerals, like manganese; Which is one among the important trace minerals, and it's naturally available in many foods, besides its availability within the sort of nutritional supplements, and may be a co-factor for a few enzymes that participate within the metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol, glucose, carbohydrates, radical removal, and bone formation, besides reproduction, and therefore the immune response?


 it's one among the important elements needed by all body tissues, and it's sometimes considered an electrolyte. Because it carries a little electrical charge, it contributes to several functions of cells and nerves, and therefore the key role of potassium within the body is that it maintains normal levels of liquid body substance, vital sign level, and contributes to contraction.


 it's one among the B vitamins, dissolved in water and located naturally in some foods, or those fortified with it, additional to its availability within the sort of nutritional supplements, and folate is vital for the formation of red blood cells that carry oxygen and transport it to varied parts of the body, also as help within the development of the system nervous The fetus, and on cell growth, besides the formation of the chromosomal DNA, so pregnant women are recommended to eat foods rich during this vitamin.

 Benefits, there's insufficient evidence of effectiveness.


3- Relief from arthritis

 Eating high-fiber foods, especially strawberries, may reduce the C-reactive protein index within the blood, which represents the extent of inflammation within the body, given its fiber content, and it are often eaten fresh or frozen

 4- Contribute to weight loss:


 Strawberries are rich in nutrients, but they're low in calories, besides being rich in fiber.

 Eating strawberries may contribute to reducing the extent of cholesterol, vital sign, and reducing the proportion of inflammation, thus it can benefit people that suffer from overweight.

 Strawberries help to feel full. As a preliminary study published within the journal Appetite in 2015 found that folks who snack on 65 calories from strawberries consume less food within the next meal, which can reduce the calories consumed and maintain weight. , But it didn't affect the appetite.

5- Reducing fluid retention:

 Strawberries are a natural diuretic that contributes to reducing this retention, and eating some vegetables and fruits rich in water, like melon, watermelon, lettuce, cabbage, celery, asparagus, and spinach, alongside strawberries, helps to take care of the body.

Moist, thus not feeling bloated.


 6- Reducing diarrhea:

 consistent with a study in mice, some observe that consuming strawberries for three-quarters of a cup each day suppressed diarrhea amid blood in rats with IBD.


7-  Reducing the danger of developing gout:

 Some foods, like strawberries, and other sorts of vegetables and fruits, like oranges, pineapples, and sweet peppers, are foods rich in vitamin C, which can reduce the extent of acid within the blood, which can improve the condition of gout, but the evidence is conflicting about the connection vitamin C reduces the danger of developing this disease.

 8- Reducing nighttime hyperhidrosis:

 An observational study published within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2013 on menopausal women showed that their following the Mediterranean diet and their consumption of fruits, like strawberries, pineapples, and melons reduced the danger of menopausal symptoms, such as:

 9-  Night hyperhidrosis and hot flashes.

 10- Reducing nerve tension.

 11- Boost the metabolism process within the body.

 12- Lowering body temperature.

 Scientific studies on the advantages of strawberries A preliminary study published within the Archives of general medicine in 2011 showed that increasing daily potassium consumption was related to a decrease within the death rate thanks to ischemic heart condition, or ischemia.

 13- It reduces the danger of the heart condition

Strawberries are an upscale source of potassium and fiber, and thus they need a task in promoting heart health, and that they may reduce the danger of heart condition, for their content of plant compounds beneficial to the body referred to as polyphenols, besides that strawberries contain a gaggle of flavonoids called quercetin. , Which may be a natural anti-inflammatory and should reduce the danger of developing atherosclerosis.

 a preliminary study published within the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 showed that consumption of foods rich in flavonoids and anthocyanins was related to a discount within the death rate from heart condition.


  14- Moderately reducing the danger of stroke

 A comprehensive analysis published within the British Medical Journal in 2016 showed the role of some sorts of antioxidants found in strawberries, like quercetin, anthocyanins, et al. in reducing the danger of stroke by a moderate degree, and this study remains uncertain, because it had been conducted On the effect of flavonoids but not on the effect of strawberry especially.


   15- Improves diabetes control

 A study from the University of Cambridge, published in 2011, showed that consuming strawberry drinks reduced the extent of the inflammatory reaction and therefore the insulin response after eating, and another study from an equivalent university, published within the same year, showed that eating strawberries with consuming sucrose can improve diabetes control.


  16- Reducing the danger of developing type 2 diabetes

 consuming a meal rich in carbohydrates and containing strawberries may hamper the digestion of glucose and reduce its high levels, besides reducing the extent of insulin after eating it, so strawberries can contribute to reducing the danger of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  17- Dried and frozen strawberry powder is useful in reducing the danger of esophageal cancer

A study from Ohio State University, published within the journal Cancer Prevention Research in 2011, showed that consuming about 60 grams of dried and frozen strawberries for six months inhibits the action of the protein liable for the proliferation of cancer cells, and it's going to reduce the expansion of dysplasia within the esophagus, but there's a requirement. To conduct further studies on the effect of dried and frozen strawberry powder on reducing the danger of esophageal cancer.

 Dried and frozen strawberries are ten times more concentrated than fresh strawberries, but it will use them when eating them also fresh daily, and therefore the factor which will reduce the danger of cancer found in strawberries remains unknown.

  18- Control of high vital sign for natural potassium in strawberries

 A study from Lausanne University Hospital in 2019 showed that increasing the consumption of potassium from its natural sources, or through the consumption of processed food supplements, is related to a big decrease in systolic and diastolic vital sign in those with high vital sign.

 Increasing its consumption may contribute to delaying the deterioration of kidney function in people with chronic renal disorder in its early stages, but this increase could also be dangerous for people with chronic renal disorder in its later stages, especially those that have diabetes, and therefore the decrease Serum potassium may be a risk factor for developing hypertension, as is that the effect of excessive sodium consumption.

  19- Used as a meal for infants

 Strawberries for babies Given the multiple benefits of strawberries, some may wonder about when is that the right time to introduce strawberries to infants, and therefore the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology shows that a mother can start introducing one sort of food at a time to the kid when he's between 4-6 years old. Months, and leave 3-5 days after each new food, to make sure that the kid doesn't suffer from any sensitivity towards this food.

 Infants are susceptible to allergies, and thus, care must be taken when introducing any new food to them, and it are often said that it doesn't consider strawberries major allergic food.

 However, giving it to the kid may cause the emergence of a rash around his mouth, because it's acidic, and this is often considered normal, but if the kid suffers from eczema, it's better to ascertain the pediatrician before introducing strawberries to him.

  20- Strawberry benefits for sex and disease prevention

Viagra forgot all strawberries "a saying confirmed by" Patrick Holford ", the founding father of British Nutrition Institute, where he stated that a bowl of strawberries enhances sexual ability because it contains high levels of zinc and nutrients linked to sex.

 21- Strawberry benefits for sex

According to British newspaper "Metro", nutrition experts explained that strawberries contain large amounts of antioxidants that help blood flow to the sexual organs, and zinc regulates the extent of testosterone required for the assembly of sperm.

Holford said that a person can deplete the amount of zinc that are found within the body if he has had sex 3 times in 24 hours, and in women, the high level of “zinc” makes it more desirable for sex.

 22- Strawberries contain potassium, vitamin K and magnesium, which are important for bone health.

 23- Contain anti-aging properties.

 24- Strawberries are rich in biotin, which helps build hair and nails. 

 25- They also contain the antioxidant ellagic acid, which protects the elastic fibers in our skin to stop wrinkles.

  26- Strawberries strengthen hair and limits its exposure to hair loss.

  27- Consuming strawberries regularly promote eye health and protects eyesight from loss.

  28- Strengthen the system within the body and reduce the incidence of immune diseases.

  29- Promote oral health.

 eating strawberries is vital for dental health, as they contain vitamin C that protects the gums from infection, and that they also help to whiten teeth and obtain obviate yellowing of the teeth, and obtain obviate plaque and tartar on the teeth.

  30- Prevention of mental disorders.

Having a mental disturbance is one among the foremost common diseases of the age, like depression, so eating strawberries reduces the severity of the symptoms of the disease, because it increases the assembly of 1 of the happiness hormones serotonin within the body.

 31- Strawberry benefits for pregnant women.

 There are many benefits of strawberry fruit for a pregnant woman and fetus, namely: Strawberries contain vitamin Bc or vitamin B9, this acid helps to make the DNA of the fetus which protects against birth defects, and it also helps the expansion of the medulla spinalis. Strawberries are high in calcium, which is vital for pregnant women and therefore the fetus. 

Strawberries contain dietary fiber, which facilitates the movement of food within the intestine which protects against constipation. Strawberries contain vitamin C, which helps the body to supply white blood cells beneficial for the body's system and stop diseases during pregnancy. Vitamin C helps the body absorb iron into the blood, which prevents anemia and anemia during pregnancy.

  32- Strawberry skin benefits.

 Strawberries contain many vitamins that protect the skin from diseases and increase the sweetness of the skin. 

 Among the advantages of strawberries for the skin is that the following:

 33-  Treatment of wrinkles.

A cup of strawberry juice contains a high percentage of vitamin C, which contains antioxidants, which fight the looks of wrinkles and dark spots caused by the sun.

 They assist to extend collagen lines within the skin, and this is often thanks to the "alpha hydroxy" found naturally. In strawberries.

 34-  the advantages of strawberries to wash the skin.

Strawberries help to eliminate the fungi that accumulate within the pores and cause the narrowing of the pores, which results in the buildup of dust inside the pores, which causes skin infections and therefore the appearance of skin problems like acne, blackheads and white, and strawberries help to wash the skin of fungi and bacteria .

 35- It protects against carcinoma.

 Continuous exposure of the skin to sunlight affects the skin, which causes carcinoma, and strawberry contains an exorbitant amount of antioxidants that helps fight the expansion of cancer cells.

 36- Skin lightening.

because of the alpha hydroxy compounds naturally present in strawberries helps to wash the skin of dead cells and fungi, and this is often if you rub it directly on the skin.