Biden Success Brings Historical Opportunity for Public Health, Racial Justice, Climate Adjustment and Clean Energy


 Who is John Biden

John Biden is President-elect

I am honored that you chose me to lead our great country. This is how Biden declared after announcing his victory in the elections.

John Biden is that this man described by his supporters because the last chance to reclaim America from the wild land dealer who dominates the White House, and his opponents describe him because the spoiled son of the ruling establishment.

John Biden voted for the military intervention in Iraq, then regretted it and rejected the military intervention in Syria and Libya.

Biden is on the brink of people, emotionally and physically, consistent with his description.
He spent 36 years within the corridors of the Senate, was an eight-year representative of Obama, and a career filled with tragedies and sorrows.

A stuttering child and an ambitious young man

 In 1942 Joseph Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to an Irish father who works as a dealer and a strong-willed mother who encouraged Biden to beat the stuttering and speech difficulties he suffered from as a toddler.

The stuttering boy soon changed his life and have become an eloquent young man studying at the University of Delaware, where he graduated with a degree in history and politics.He met (Nelia Hunter) during his trip together with his friends within the Bahamas, where that they had dinner one night in 1964 and revealed to her his desire to be a senator then president.

The political election of Joe Biden and also Kamala Harris is not only a repudiation of Head of state Trump, it is additionally a historic possibility for the nation to advance the health, safety as well as equity of all Americans.

Nelia was a student at Syracuse University, the same university that Biden would join to study law. Biden married Nelia in 1966, graduated with a law degree, and worked as a lawyer when America was in the war in Vietnam.

Biden has three children, Beau, Hunter, and Naomi

A time of success and tragedy

In 1972, he seized a seat in the Senate from Delaware in front of a Republican competition, and since this time the state votes for the Democrats, and so he achieved his first dream, and at his age did not exceed thirty, became the sixth youngest Senator in American history.

Biden’s joy did not last long. One month after his victory, on the seventh of December 1972, while the senator was elected in Washington, he received a call informing him that his wife and their infant daughter had died in a car accident, while Poe and Hunter survived with minor injuries.

A sad senator trying to reach the White House

The shock enshrined Biden's image as a symbol of bereavement. He considered giving up his job to take care of the children of Bo and Hunter, but party colleagues convinced him to back off.

Swear the oath next to a hospital baby's bed.

In 1974, he was included in Time magazine's list of 200 faces of the future.

He married Gili Jacob in 1974 and had a daughter (Ashley). His ambition to reach the White House was still valid, so he decided to run in 1887, but he withdrew from the Democratic Party primaries and his career continued and in 2001 he chaired the Foreign Affairs Committee.

In 2008 Biden announced his candidacy for the presidency for the second time, but quickly withdrew to his rival in the party primaries, Barack Obama, to grant Biden the ticket to Obama and to choose Obama as vice president and president of the Senate.

In 2015, Biden's oldest son, Beau, died of a cancerous brain tumor while Obama's second term was coming to an end.

President Biden succeeded in attaining the presidency of the United States of America

EWG congratulates President-elect Biden as well as Vice President-elect Harris on their success and also the historic altitude of a Black female to the country's second-highest workplace.

While countless Americans and billions around the world commemorate this minute, it also opens up a game-changing path ahead. On January 20, we will certainly have a head of state as well as vice president that awaits the huge difficulties the country faces and also will certainly work hard to meet them, not spend every day making them worse.

Throughout the project, the Biden-Harris team laid out a bold agenda to get the pandemic controlled, address systemic bigotry, tackle the climate dilemma, protect the ecological health of Americans from hazardous chemicals like PFAS, as well as body shift the country to clean power. EWG totally supports these objectives and will certainly work intensely to assist attain them.

The damage Trump has actually done-- his assault on public health, science, as well as environmental management, giving voice to racists as well as white supremacists, deteriorating confidence in the institutions that help Americans lead much better lives-- is enormous, and will certainly not be conveniently or promptly repaired. Donald Trump will leave the White House, however the harmful dregs of Trumpism will stick around.

A linchpin of recovering confidence in government need to be the rebuilding of essential federal firms like the Environmental Protection Agency, Fda and the Centers for Condition Control and Prevention. The voices of science, facts and also reason need to once again be listened to as well as followed as the Biden-Harris management battles to decrease exposure to hazardous chemicals in our food, water, air as well as everyday items. Equity, justice as well as an end to architectural bigotry need to be first principles.

Leading America out of the wreck Trump leaves behind is a powerful challenge for President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Harris. They need the assistance of all Americans-- not only those that elected for them, yet everyone who shares the vision of a strong, prosperous, just, healthy and balanced and secure nation.

Any evaluation of this political election's importance to public health and also environmental management need to likewise be fixated the fact that the end result was established, extremely, by the ballots of Black females as well as guys whose neighborhoods continue to suffer disproportionately from a lengthy and disgraceful legacy of ecological bigotry.

 We stand as allies to leaders in the environmental justice activity who truly anticipate the election of Joe Biden as well as Kamala Harris will certainly note a new period of typical resolve to eliminate the racial oppressions of poisonous air pollution, and also breakthrough the level playing field of all to delight in the benefits of a tidy and healthy and balanced setting.