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 a second national lockdown in France 

second national lockdown in France

Almost 100 000 people are catching coronavirus every day, the stark finding from senior scientists as they warn the pandemic is at a critical stage.

France will enter a second national lockdown tomorrow to last to the top of November a minimum of tough new covid restrictions for people in Nottinghamshire including a ban on alcohol after nine o'clock at night.

nearly 20 000 people in England are becoming infected every day.


 More businesses are shedding staff, new figures show firms making redundancies spiked in saw timber have the small print.

 Coronavirus is at a critical stage this consistent with experts after a serious study found that nearly100 000 people in England are becoming infected every day.

scientists at Imperial College London are warning that action taken thus far to contain the virus isn't enough, gauche has this report the study tested a random sample of eighty-five thousand people across England whether they showed symptoms, or not to get a real picture of the spread ofcovid19.

 its blunt assessment is that the recent government measures introduced to curb the spread of the virus have not stopped the number of cases in England from accelerating, at least not yet.

on average infections are now doubling every nine days prevalence is still highest in Yorkshire, and therefore the number where one in 40 people are estimated to be infected on average, though just over one in 100 I think people
 to be infected in England where the number is 1.6 but infections are increasing rapidly in the rest of the country with the highest r number in London of 2.86 with the southeast and east of England also above two even though uh people are taking lots of measures and you know there's an awful lot of thought and an awful lot of kind of intervention policy in place.

more areas of England soon stepping into tier three ,

We have seen a consistent pan of you recognize the number of infections rising, that's" and that's generating hospitalizations and deaths, and then you recognize the patterns suggest that you simply know those racial hospitalizations and death.
 Unfortunately, are likely to increase the researchers say there possesses to be a change in measures people's behavior sooner rather than later if further hospitalizations and deaths from coved-19 are to be avoided.
 These new figures I suppose the subsequent question is how will the government. 
  it's hard to look at the very stark picture painted by these figures and not think that at some point something possesses to change the question is what I feel at the very least we'll see more areas of England soon stepping into tier three.

The very high covered alert level and living with the tough restrictions that accompany that beyond that the coved. is sticking to its regional approach imposing tighter measures in parts of England where cases of the virus are much higher and allowing looser restrict actions in areas where they're lower.

 but if we glance to our nearest neighbors in Depths morning, actually we'll see that France is imposing another national lockdown.

Germany, albeit slightly less strict in doing the same , are lower daily than they're within the united kingdom.

Germany, albeit slightly less strict in doing the same and their cases of the virus, are lower daily than they're within the united kingdom.

 and actually, the republic of London its own national lockdown for a further week approximately also the authors of this report have suggested that something must change either the overall public must start following the principles more closely or we'll see tighter restrictions.

There are arguments they say for doing that sooner rather than later the government 
Will probably say that they need to supply time to those areas in tier three for the restrictions At worth danger in doing that's waiting, and them not working, and facing accusations that they Diodontidae enough in time.

 Let's not forget through the gov. Has never ruled out another national lockdown, it'll though do all it can to avoid it.

winter could even be a tougher battlefield on which to fight this epidemic faced with an epidemic that dies of loneliness Mr macron has decided that isolation is that the only weapon and the best defenseless Williamson BBC News priest german chancellor 

Angela Merkel has said that the country will enter four-week lockdown from next week.

Angela Merkel has said that the country will enter four-week lockdown from next week.
 Emergency restrictions are less severe than in France but include the closure of restaurants, gyms and theaters marmoreal said.

 she believed the measures could slow infections and ensure hospitals can still copenottinghamshire is to become the latest region of England to enter the highest coronavirus alert level.

 the changes come into effect tomorrow as well because the essential Tier 3 restrictions shops are becoming to be banned from selling alcohol after 9 pm.

 the new measures are available a day later than planned after they're expanded from Nottingham to hide the whole country .
there has been mixed reaction to the news to be honest with you i think Tier 3 is that the right move.

This is part of the statements of the World Health Organization on its website

Last week saw the biggest range of COVID-19 cases reported  to this point. Several countries at intervals around the hemisphere square measure seeing a regarding rise in cases and hospitalisations.

And medical aid units square measure filling up to capability in some places, significantly in Europe and North America.
Over the weekend, the form of leaders critically evaluated their scenario and took action to limit the unfold of the virus.

We perceive the pandemic fatigue that folk, square measure feeling. It takes a mental and physical toll on everybody. Functioning from home, kids being tutored remotely, not having the power to celebrate milestones with friends and family or not being there to mourn darling ones–it’s powerful and thus the fatigue is real. 
However, we tend to cannot pass. We tend to should not pass.Leaders should balance the disruption to lives and livelihoods with the need to protect doctors and health systems as medical aid fills up.

 In March, doctors were habitually applauded for the personal sacrifice they were creating scores of to avoid wasting} lots of lives. Several of those doctors, World Health Organization, have their skillful Brobdingnagian stress and trauma, square measure still on the front lines, facing a recent wave of the latest patients.

 we tend to should do all we are going to to protect doctors, and thus the most effective because of try this is for all people to need each precaution we are going to to reduce the danger of transmission, for ourselves et al.. no one desires a lot of supposed lockdowns.
 However, if we'd prefer to avoid them, we tend to all ought to play our half. The fight back against this pandemic is everyone’s business. 

we tend to cannot have the economic recovery we'd like and live our lives the method we tend to do before the pandemic.

 We are going to keep our children in school; we are going to keep businesses open; we are going to preserve lives and livelihoods. We are going to do it! But we tend to should all build trade-offs, compromises and sacrifices. For people, 

Families and communities, that means staying reception and significantly if you have been exposed to a case. Moreover, you continue to maintain physical distance, sporting a mask, cleansing your hands frequently, coughing removed from others, avoiding crowds, or meeting friends and family outside.

 For governments, it suggests that doing the same things we've been a career for since day one: apprehend your epidemic. Break the chains of transmission. Take a look at extensively. Isolate and appearance when cases. 

And trace and provide supported quarantine for all contacts. With these measures, you may catch-up to the current virus, you will get before this virus, and you will keep before this virus. 
we tend to square measure locution this as a result of we have seen several places around the world get ahead and keep before the virus.

now to the pandemic dominating the campaign and prompting new warnings from health officials' deaths in the u.

hitting 230 556.

and according to an internal memo from the department of health and human services got by ABC News cases , are on an upward trajectory in just about the entire country.

ABC's tremor all reports from New York city

this morning as states repeatedly shattered coronavirus records officials continue to sound the alarm, this disease is unrelenting.

it doesn't care about what the locations according to an internal his memo obtained by
ABC News 48 states all except Nebraska and Delaware are seeing cases rise and deaths are
climbing in 29 states.

this is an incredibly dangerous virus

Kathy James says she and her son-in-law

Doug was ridiculed for wearing masks in

South Dakota after Doug got sick and lost his fight ,

with the virus.

she had to break the news to his wife her 

daughter Katrina to tell her that that he would not make it.

it's just not something that you want to have to tell anyone ever New York will now require out-of-state travelers to get a negative test before they visit as this weekend NYC officials broke up.

this illegal Halloween party packed with nearly 400 people in El Paso feme setting up a field hospital to
treat the deluge of patients.

in the same tents previously used to house separated migrant children at the border.

whenever female comes into any community

it's not a good thing it means that the resources

have been strained to the breaking point ,

the virus still taking an unimaginable

till Kentucky sergeant Michael Keane a

veteran with no pre-existing conditions

died from covid .

just days after his son was born prematurely , the baby now in critical condition mother and wife Nicole left picking up the pieces it was my

world, he was my everything.

our entire life has changed in just a matter of a couple of weeks, and nothing for us will ever be the same, and health officials continue to say small gatherings with friends and family are a major source of viral spread.

DR Debra bucks would not say people should avoid getting together for thanksgiving but she says it's incredibly important

everyone stays apart for the next several weeks.

let's bring in DR a shish John Dean of the brown university School of Public Health thanks so much for being with us this morning.

good morning, thank you for having me on

so let's start I'm curious what's your reaction to 
DR phase's comment to the was chanting post that

quote we're in for a lot of hurt in fall and winter .

what dr finish is voicing is what we have worried all of us about  the experts around the country but

also the  memo that you referenced.

that over the next six to 12 weeks we're

going to see a surge in infections hospitalizations which are already rising are going to continue to rise

and we're going to see a lot of Americans dying from this disease it was all preventable, but that's where

we are right now, unfortunately.

we're also seeing doctors reporting some

patients who have both coved-19 and the flu, what kind of challenge is that for doctors treating those

patients and for those patients as they

try to recover from?

Both of both the flu and cover 19. Luckily that's pretty uncommon and i suspect it'll remain uncommon.

obviously anything is possible but obviously

getting two infections at once can be that much

worse .

 we just have little experience with managing people like that so we're going to have to take this very carefully and let's talk about the experience.

and the capacity hospitals really 

starting to feel overwhelmed by this how do hospitals prepare for this type of influx of


so i think hospitals across the country are starting to prepare I'm talking to hospital executives across

the country.

people are working on expanding capacity

you know, in New York during the spring we had doctors and nurses fly in from across the nation to

help that won't be happening because the surge is happening everywhere now, so hospitals really have to think about their own local capacity.

and work on that that's something we will all be watching and monitoring as we head in to this winter.