Use garlic for prevention, garlic and honey mixture


Use garlic for prevention, garlic and honey mixture

Use garlic for prevention, garlic and honey mixture

Garlic is a seasonal plant grown in the lily's winter family. Garlic is grown all over the world. Garlic has been cultivated for more than 5,000 years in Central Asia. There are many types of garlic classified according to the country or region in which they are grown, from the most important countries which grow garlic China, India, and Egypt.
  •  garlic is considered one of the most effective foods for maintaining health, as it helps blood circulation and the digestive system to work well, and experts advise to eat it on an empty stomach, so why?
Without a doubt, garlic works to boost the immune system, lower blood pressure, and combat heart disease, and it also helps get rid of toxins.

  • Some studies show that eating garlic on an empty stomach or on an empty stomach offers you many health benefits, many people may not want to, because of the smell of garlic in the mouth, but you can change the flavor of your mouth easily after eating it.

Benefits of garlic on an empty stomach :


Reasons for eating garlic on an empty stomach:

 Garlic, when eaten on an empty stomach, maintains the level of body fat.
  Raw garlic ingested in the morning may reduce normal blood flow, which helps to stabilize the level of high blood pressure and cholesterol in the body.

Studies have revealed that the sulfur compounds present in garlic may strengthen the intestine for better absorption of nutrients from food.

Source of antibiotics:

Raw garlic is one of the most effective natural antibiotics, and this benefit is higher if garlic is consumed on an empty stomach.

A piece of raw garlic kills bacteria and helps prevent bacteria from working in the gut. Garlic also contains sulfur compounds such as allicin, Allen, and opium, which help treat colds and coughs.

Garlic and honey together

Garlic belongs to the same family of onions and leeks, and although all parts of the garlic plant are considered edible including flowers and leaves, it is common to eat fruits that contain between 10 to 20 cloves of garlic, while honey is a natural product that it makes Honey bees are from the nectar of flowers, which is one of the most nutritionally valuable natural products.

 The honey and garlic mixture can a seasoning to be added to chicken, fish, and vegetables, and we can also use it as a sauce for salads.

Garlic and honey together

Is there damage garlic with honey on an empty stomach:

There is no information about safety or precautions for using garlic mixture with honey on an empty stomach.

Benefits of eating garlic and honey in the morning for seven days:

  Chopped garlic mixed with honey if eaten on an empty stomach for seven days, the body gets rid of toxins and increases the body's energy, and protects against spring sensitivity;

 it treats asthma, itching, and diarrhea, and it protects against cold and flu, as it protects against hardening of the arteries and strokes, and it reduces symptoms Accompanying diabetes and resisting cancer, and how much we have said before reduces cholesterol, triglycerides, eating garlic and honey fights aerobic bacteria, so it helps prevent infection, treats dizziness, fatigue, chest pain, and is a good tonic and anti-oxidant.

Recent studies and scientific research show that garlic is a loyal friend of the heart and arteries and has significant benefits in regulating blood pressure. The existing sulfur amino acids work to reduce high blood,

It helps to adjust low blood pressure, and this is a characteristic that scientists describe as rare in one plant, as it adjusts blood pressure in both cases.

 Therefore, it is advised to take it is a very high and severe drop in blood pressure and can provide adequate protection in both cases

Although garlic is one of the most unpopular foods for many people, because of its pungent smell, besides the cultural heritage that does not encourage its appetite, this plant with a strong smell is one of the most important drugs that fight many incurable diseases that could not chemically medicate About her treatment.

 Elaf examined the benefits of garlic.

One garlic clove contains a variety of different nutrients that are rarely found in any other plant, as it contains fats, protein, carbohydrates, and fibers, besides potassium, phosphorous, calcium, sodium, and iron elements, and it also includes some important acids such as people, thiamin, and many other substances.

 Other rare metals, enzymes, antibiotics, nuclear materials, and others.

The importance of garlic in the pharaohs

Dr. Salah Shaltut, Professor of Nutrition at the University of Assiut, despite the great benefits of garlic, both medically and nutritionally, but its strong and individual aroma made people turn it up that did not rise to the level of its benefits that exceeded many diseases such as sugar, pressure, and cancer, as well as being a broad-based antibiotic.

Dr. Shaltut explained that garlic was known since ancient times and its original habitat is the Mediterranean basin, so that the inscriptions engraved on the pyramids of Giza show the knowledge of the Pharaohs of the usefulness of this food, as it was stated in their stories that garlic was distributed to workers who built the pyramids before starting their work to give them strength and to protect them from diseases.

We recommend it that garlic be placed in every food because of its apparent effect in preventing arteriosclerosis, lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood, and killing harmful germs and microbes, other than giving vitality to all the different functions of the body.

Garlic belongs to one of the familiar and well-known plant species to which onions and balls belong, but garlic is distinguished from others in the form in the fruit, leaves, and potency, besides being a plant that can stay for a long time without being damaged.

Control blood pressure

Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Batin, a consultant for internal medicine at Banha General Hospital, confirmed that garlic reduces an effective level of cholesterol in the liver and the body gets it from foods rich in animal fats.

 They are of two types:

 a harmful type called an abbreviation "LOL" and a soaking type called "HOL" and the difference between them is that the harmful type precipitates Arteries such as the coronary artery feeding the heart muscle and this leads to atherosclerosis, and then angina.

The beneficial type resists the precipitation of the first type and works to reduce its risks and even eliminate these risks completely.

Garlic, its benefit is not limited to patients with pressure, as research has shown that it has an effect that exceeds the effect of aspirin in maintaining blood fluidity and protecting patients from the occurrence of clots, where garlic works to reduce the effect of a substance called thromboxane, which is a substance that helps to clot blood, but it does not negatively affect blood Another substance that maintains blood thinners is prostacyclin.

Garlic has an effective ability to deal with cancer and prevent it from settling in the body because it contains compounds, the most important of which are "dialysis", which reduce the size of cancerous tumors.

To reduce the level of harmful cholesterol, says Dr. Wael Abdel Salam has proven scientific experiments that garlic works to control the level of fat in the blood in a manner that makes it safe.
more benefit of g
Because of the great effectiveness of garlic in reducing cholesterol level, doctors and nutritionists advise giving garlic to animals that feed on humans, thus hitting two birds with one stone so they reduce cholesterol in the animal body and thus in the blood of a person who consumes their meat.

more benefit of garlic

  • Garlic also contains substances that prevent carcinogenic toxic substances from sticking to body cells, especially breast cells.

  • Recent scientific research conducted in the United States of America has stated that garlic has an effective property in resisting high blood sugar levels, where it was found that when the blood sugar level rises, garlic stimulates the pancreas to secrete an amount of insulin to get rid of excess sugar.

  • It benefits cases of coughing, asthma, anthrax, stomach ulcers, gases, arthritis, and generates liver (yellow) secretions, reduces blood pressure and menstruation, increases the body's immunity against diseases, gains vigor and vitality, increases body temperature, and is useful in cases of intestinal diseases Mold and cleanses the intestine, especially in children. Diabetics benefit a lot in protecting them from complications from the disease, and it can be done (pork), from garlic to crushed finger, as it repels toxins, especially snake toxins and scorpions, in the form of bandages from its powder.

Garlic aids in the digestion of fatty substances 

Scientific experiments conducted in Japan on animals showed that eating garlic tablets or additives leads to an increase in the secretion of "norepinephrine", which accelerates the digestion of triglycerides with a noticeable increase in the growth of brown fat tissue.

 The researchers indicated that brown fat tissue is a thermogenic fat. It works to oxidize the burning of normal fats, as the energy resulting from the burn is released in the form of heat, stressing that garlic may become the most common fat burning material if it is proven that it has the same results in humans.

 Dr. Shaker Latif, Professor of Internal Medicine, stressed that garlic is useful for improving sexual ability. It is also a good nervous stimulant and is useful in treating hair loss.

garlic is good for acne and skincare

Garlic is very effective, and it has been used therapeutically for treating a long time.

A couple of sorts of exploration contemplates have demonstrated that garlic can be helpful for some ailments. 

Garlic has antibacterialTrusted Source, antifungal, antiviral, and disinfectant properties from allicin. Allicin assists with executing the microorganisms causing skin inflammation. It additionally assists with diminishing growing and irritation and improve blood dissemination. These helpful effects permit the skin to get more supplements. Garlic likewise has thiosulfates, which can go about as an antimicrobial. Many accept that with standard use, it clears the skin. 

Garlic additionally contains different nutrients and minerals that are accepted to battle skin break out, similar to nutrient C, nutrient B-6, selenium, copper, and zinc (used to control slick substances). Garlic has likewise been shownTrusted Source to effectively affect a few ailments like disease, psoriasis, and wound recuperating. A few examinations have showed that garlic has mitigating properties. They accept these properties to help diminish the irritation of skin inflammation.

How To Use Garlic For Reducing Acne

Step-by-step instructions to use garlic to treat skin inflammation 

One examination confided in Source that saw garlic to decide its adequacy for skin conditions used garlic arranged in four different ways: 

  • crude garlic juice 
  • warmed garlic juice 
  • dried out garlic powder 
  • matured garlic extricate 

The individuals who trust in the utilization of garlic for treating skin break out have different plans for their medicines.

You can eat 1 clove of raw garlic followed by a glass of cold water. Also, make sure you keep yourself hydrated and clean your skin every 3 hours.

The advantages of garlic blend and lemon 

as the advantages of both garlic and lemon to an end, we will perceive how the intrigue that gets from the combining of this two Imran, where the garlic blend and lemon work to clean the body, and anticipation of cardiovascular ailments, for example, heart and stroke, as it lessens the extent of cholesterol in the blood, treat respiratory Angina pectoris and different maladies, additionally it helps in the therapy of kidney stones, just as it adds to building the body's cells and the reestablishment of the harmed ones, and the avoidance of different malignant growths. 

Blends of garlic and lemon remedial 

There are we can get a few mixes remedial from the lemon and garlic, where the work mixes beautifiers, hair or skin, or work mixes a sound body helpful, to treat many issues and maladies, and are introduced beneath for a portion of these blends: 

We plan 6 lemons, and around 30 years of garlic, we cut them, at that point put them in bubbling water, leave them on a low warmth for five minutes, at that point hold up until it cools to place it in a glass compartment and keep it in the fridge, and afterward eat one tablespoon every day on an unfilled stomach. 

Bring the measure of some lemon squeeze, a cup of ginger heated up, a cup of garlic puree, and a cup of apple juice vinegar, at that point put them in a profound bowl and bubble them on the fire for around 30 minutes, eliminate the blend from the warmth and leave it until it cools, at that point add 3 cups of nectar to it Then we put the blend in a glass holder or a few little jugs, at that point it is kept in the cooler, and one spoon is eaten on a vacant stomach day by day.