how to become younger naturally


 how to look younger naturally

There are natural ways to look younger without chemical procedures or enhancements. Can you believe looking younger naturally is something realistic, not fanciful?

how to become younger naturally

Youth period

 how to spend your years' younger naturally

The stage of youth is the period that follows childhood, a period of transition from childhood dependence to adulthood independence and an awareness of our interconnectedness as members of society during which strength, activity and vitality reach their peak. This age is one of the most important periods that a person goes through.

At this stage, the body reaches maturity and perfection, as it takes on its own structure, becomes strong, graceful, and beautiful.

come how to look young

a. The problem or even quality of being young: Travel while you still have your youth of yours.
b. The time of life between maturity and childhood: He was rebellious in his youth of his.
c. An earlier period of existence or even growth: a nation in its youth.
1. A younger person, particularly a young male in late adolescence.
2. used with a sing. or maybe pl. verb folks that are Young viewed as a team.
Geology The first phase in the erosion cycle.

The Secret To Looking Younger naturally

Geomorphic cycle, The first phase in the cycle of erosion.

 The youth period is one of the most refreshing, beautiful, and vital periods in a person’s life, as the person is at the height of his health and well-being, and he tries to benefit from all his times to benefit from him, but the person is exposed to several factors that affect his external appearance, so he is older, and he must be older Should be bigger and note that many women seek to preserve their beauty in different periods of their lives. He lives to look younger, and in this article, we will walk you through several steps that I look younger.

 1- The first secret to looking younger is the basics of applying makeup.

Learn the basics of applying age-appropriate makeup, as with age, eyes appear wilted, so it is advised to stay away from eye shading with powder and use oil-based shades, and avoid using purple, pink, and black masc

  • Paying attention to the cleanliness and appearance of the eyebrows, and the use of a non-dark eyebrow pencil to fill in the blanks.
  • Use the eyelash curler, to make it look beautiful and long, and to give the eyes more room.
  • Use a foundation cream with the same color or darker shade or a lighter shade.
  •  Caring about the purity of the skin, and protecting it from imperfections.
  • Avoid using the powder foundation, as it causes dryness, and folds between the skin folds, and replaces it with a liquid foundation.
  •  Use a lipstick lighter than the color of the lips, preferably applying a gloss on the bottom lip to look more full.

2- the second secret is how to choose the best way to wear clothes to look younger naturally.

 how to wear clothes?

how to wear oversized clothes petite?

Some people say to stay away from small clothes because it improves age and looks more mature and I disagree with this opinion.

  • Relying on bright colors that give greater brightness, and staying away from dark colors, such as white, particularly on occasions.
  • Put on short, colorful scarves in trendy colors.
  • Wear short skirts, high heel shoes, as well as have a bag in hand.
  • Stay away from wearing Bermuda pants in case the person is body fat because that makes her appear fatter and shorter.
  • Choose consistent, small accessories, and stay away from overloading them.
  • Overall suggestions for showing u

3- Stop smoking, as it's damaging to health, and speed up the look of signs of aging, such as wrinkles, melasma, fine lines, and loose skin.

 4- Drink more water every day, which is equivalent to at least 8 cups since it plays a crucial role in the epidermis's freshness, the hydration of the entire body, and the release of toxic compounds.

 5- Adhering to a balanced and healthy diet, eating plenty of fruits and produce and staying away from eating unhealthy dishes rich in proteins and carbohydrates, and staying away from eating foods late at night.

 6- Adhere to work out every day, such as walking for at least half an hour daily.

 7- Continue moisturizing the skin, take proper care of it, and avoid the use of chemical substances produced from chemical substances, since they harm the skin and influence it.

8- Stay away from immediate exposure to damaging sunlight, as it is going to dry out the skin. Get enough rest.

tips to help you look younger using vitamins and minerals or supplement

Signs of aging appear on the hands, even if the facial skin is young.
 Therefore, Skincare experts recommend taking care of them with moisturizer them regularly, applying sunscreen on them daily, moisturizing the entire skin daily, and using anti-wrinkle products to tighten the skin and giving it softness, and ridding it of fine lines.

Eating foods, fruits, and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals or supplements.

Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are very important in improving the vital functions of the body, as they lead to the freshness of the skin and increase physical activity and a sense of strength and vitality, and there are many important vitamins necessary that contribute to the appearance of a younger age,

Vitamin A and its benefits to look young

Vitamin A or retinol is one of your most important strategies against free radicals because this vitamin is very useful for cell growth and protects the skin from aging.

Vitamin C and its benefits to look young

The epidermal content of vitamin C is higher than that of the dermis, although concentrations of vitamin C in both layers are approximately equal to those of other water-soluble antioxidants, including uric acid and glutathione.

Taking vitamin C supplements by mouth effectively increases the levels of vitamin C in the skin.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that humans need because of its many benefits for health and beauty. But the lack of exposure to the sun leads to a deficiency of this vitamin in the body, which negatively affects the freshness of the skin and youth. From here, to compensate for this deficiency, you can use skincare products that contain vitamin d, which restores vitality to your face again. Discover the following benefits of this vitamin for the skin and products based on it.

 Vitamin D benefits for skin

  • It contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties that make it effective for preventing skin damage, treating burns and stretch marks.
  • The antioxidants in Vitamin D prevent premature skin aging and damage.
  • It works to fight dark circles. Therefore, the lack of this nutrient in your body leads to the emergence of this problem.
  • It moisturizes the skin from the depth, preventing it from drying out.
  • Bits help treat eczema. some experts recommend taking supplements or apply a cream rich in this vitamin to get rid of this problem.

vitamin E

Vitamin E provides moisture and locks in water, resulting in plump, hydrated skin It is soothing and has been shown to reduce the size of skin wrinkles, making it a great anti-aging option The powerful antioxidant properties make Vitamin E oil effective in fighting free radicals and reducing radiation damage Ultraviolet light while reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles around the eye area.

How to use vitamin E 

The oil in vitamin E capsules can be effective in protecting against free radicals, deeply moisturizing the skin, and promoting cell renewal.

Among the most important health benefits that vitamin E brings to your body are: Vitamin E may slow the aging process of cells because it is an antioxidant, so it prevents free radicals from damaging cells, which can also come from external sources such as cigarette smoke and air pollution.


Magnesium benefits for skin An adult's body contain about 25 grams of magnesium, distributed among muscles, tissues, and body fluids, and it has many benefits.

 Maintaining skin elasticity and moisture and treating dry skin

Reduce dark circles and skin blemishes Some research related to daily skincare suggests that the use of magnesium regulates blood sugar levels, which reduces the appearance of dark circles and various skin blemishes.

 Reducing signs of skin fatigue.

 In fact, severe anxiety causes many problems for the skin, as it may work on the signs of aging faster than expected, and cause the appearance of many signs of fatigue.

 Magnesium helps relieve anxiety, as it regulates stress hormone levels by interacting with certain neurotransmitters How can you get magnesium to maintain the skin? Despite the importance of magnesium to the body, many people do not get enough of it, as the body needs to eat at least 100 milligrams of magnesium per day


Zinc benefits for the skin to look younger

1- Zinc fights acne breakouts

2- Zinc reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin pigmentation

3- Zinc is an antioxidant

 Zinc speeds up skin cell renewal and protects skin's lipids and collagen-making cells when the skin is exposed to harmful rays, such as UV rays and pollution.

4- Zinc helps you get rid of excess hair on the face

If you suffer from some hormonal problems, taking zinc pills helps you reduce the effects of these problems on the skin. Hormones play a major role in affecting the skin, especially in terms of the appearance of excess hair, and zinc protects you from these effects.

5- Zinc protects the skin from fungi  to look and feel younger

Zinc grains are one of the essential nutrients that help protect against dermatophytes that appear on the skin, thus giving you flawless skin.

Zinc is an essential mineral that is naturally present in a variety of foods and is also found in dietary supplement tablets. So, a healthy diet is the first source of getting an abundance of zinc, but its availability from grains and plant foods is less than what they found in animal foods.

Moringa oleifera seeds to look younger 

Moringa for dry skin, cracks, and skin hydration

Using myringa seeds and products on the skin, such as moringa oil,, contributes to giving the skin hydration and luster, as well as treating chapped and dry lips. This is thanks to its richness in vitamin C, which helps to regenerate damaged cells and promotes the secretion of collagen, which contributes to giving the skin a smooth and hydrated appearance.

Pay attention to hydration

Dental care and smile to look younger natural

  Coffee and some other drinks contribute overtime to changing the color of the teeth and turning them to yellow, which shows age.

Therefore, dentists advise cleaning the teeth using toothpaste that contains bleaching materials in order to give them luster and thus contributing to the appearance of a younger age.

  We can give the teeth white color by applying red lipstick instead of brown or orange because they highlight the yellowness.


  Regular exercise is recommended;

 Because it contributes to losing excess weight, increasing muscle mass in the body, and improving blood circulation in it, thus increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the skin and giving it a healthy, glowing, and youthful appearance.

Pay attention to diet if you want to look young

 There are many types of food that contribute to the appearance of a younger age, including:

 Extra virgin olive oil.

 Contributes to reducing the incidence of diseases associated with aging and aging, and helps the skin to look younger; It contains properties that give it flexibility and protect it from damage.

Green tea:

It contains a high percentage of antioxidants that prevent the growth and spread of free radicals in the body. It also contains polyphenols that protect collagen, the main protein in the skin, thus reducing the signs of aging.

 Fatty fish:

 Fatty fish like salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids that give the skin youthful, elastic, and hydrated skin.


Vegetables such as carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene, which protects the skin from free radicals and harmful rays of the sun that cause aging.

A good way to do this is to laugh more during the day.

Laughter reduces stress hormones in the body and forces your facial muscles to relax.

 If you don't feel you have anything to laugh about, find jokes on the internet or watch a funny movie or comedy.

Likewise, you should also get six to eight hours of sleep each night.

 Dark eyes with dark circles can make you look older, and getting enough sleep can remove these spots.

 Keep in mind that serious allergies can also cause these dark circles, so keep your allergies under control by avoiding the things that cause them or taking allergy medication "doctor approved of course".

 Plus, sleep reduces the body's production of the stress hormone, which is a good thing because it can make your skin look less elastic and less healthy.

How men can look younger at 50

How men can look younger at 50

A 53-year-old Dutchman has revealed how he looked younger than his proper age.

 And Unilad magazine escaped, saying that Edson Brandau had never resorted to plastic surgery, and considered the secret to "eternal youth", proper nutrition, skincare, and positive thinking.

 "I often shock people when they find out that I am 53 years old. They all think I am 25," he added.

 The man exercises daily rigorous exercises, does not eat sugar, or canned and fried foods, and does not smoke or take drugs.

 "Now I feel myself, as when I was under 30," he said. "I feel the same energy that I had before."

easy ways to look younger for men to look younger natural

Do you wish to be that person who grabs everyone's attention the moment he enters a certain place, especially the fairer sex?

 Do you want to attract the attention of a particular woman, but you do not know who arouses your interest, and you wish that every time you turn or raise your head, she would glimpse her eyes, contemplate you and watch you closely!

 In short, do you hope to be that attractive personality that impresses others, and is the focus of their conversations!

 It doesn't require you to be so handsome! The most important thing is to learn some simple tactics that will not only make you attractive but effective at the same time.

 1- Always smile
2- Don't shave your face hair
3- Take care of your hair
4- Don't be shy about wearing tight clothes
5- Maintain eye contact with the other person
6- Keep your gait balanced
8- Be comfortable with yourself
9- Laugh and make others laugh
10- Master the art of expressing body language
1- Take care of others and ask them questions
12- Wear bright colors
13 - Stay up-to-date with events and developments in society
14- Your size and weight are among the most necessary formal manifestations
15- Go beyond the age limits and do not associate yourself with typical age groups